Hugh Hewitt: Christianity Today’s Bewildering Move

After more than a quarter-century of occasionally attempting to help direct traffic at the intersection of faith and politics, I have to admit: I am bewildered by Christianity Today editor Mark Galli’s column last week, wherein he called for the impeachment of President Trump.

Galli—on behalf of CT—has done exactly what has preceded every schism in every congregation ever: Take an absolutist stand on a radically divisive issue.

Why in the world would anyone seek an absolutist political opinion from a website about evangelical faith?

Most people aren’t looking to CT for direct advice on politics—and they’ll steer clear now of yet another politicized platform.

It’s laughable to say that there’s a clear, one-sided “Christian” appraisal of the case for or against the president.

In a democratic republic, the people decide.

When they do, they’ll end up giving the presidency back to Trump or to his opponent for reasons wholly unrelated to Christianity Today’s view on the question.