Albert Mohler: A Victory for Britain and Brexit

Great Britain has now officially left the European Union, marking one of the biggest political developments in our lifetime.

The new era—beginning on January 31 marks a redefinition and a new statement of self-identity for the British people.

In the European Union, virtually all of the major decisions and policies are made by unelected bureaucrats—as part of what critics rightly label “the administrative state”—rather than by elected officials.

It is, in effect, a regime of elite experts.

Now, we’re looking at months if not years of uncertainties, but at least at this point Britain is now in charge of its own destiny and it now stands without the encumbrances of membership in the European Union.

Historically speaking, Brexit marks a victory for the sovereignty of the nation state—one of the great advances for humanity.

We’re watching the United Kingdom re-asserting sovereignty over its own affairs, and that’s a very good thing.