Medved: Potential Protection From A Plague

My latest book, “God’s Hand on America,” bears a title that could be understood now in a totally different context—seeing God’s hand as the source of national punishment, not protection.

Believers on all sides cite reasons for retribution—on the left for racism and social injustice, on the right for disregard for marriage and human life. But I am confident the Lord will continue to use this nation, for all its imperfections, as the greatest available instrument for human betterment and advancement of decency and liberty.

The grave coronavirus crisis may yet uplift America, providing perspective on home, school, work and faith that encourage timeless and constructive values. In his 1957 novel “The Plague,” Nobel-Prizewinner Albert Camus wrote: “This same pestilence which is slaying you, works for your good and points your path.”