Bowyer: A Smart Response to China

The evidence that China covered up the early days of the novel coronavirus that has now left the world in great danger is overwhelming.

China has suffered a well-deserved loss of “soft power” and goodwill here in the US.

Most of us are now awake to the evils of this regime. But—as we respond—we need to be smart about it.

We don’t need to be concerned about cheap toys and consumer electronics.

We need to get hyper-focused on genuinely strategic industries—especially high tech and biotech/pharma. The way to stop the rise of China is to put maximum legal pressure on U.S. tech executives who look the other way while China steals the military technologies of the future: AI, quantum computing, 5g networks and advanced biotechnology.

We need to protect the intellectual property that drives the rise and fall of great powers, the cutting edge of technology.