Strachan: Time to Consider a National Reset

The Coronavirus pandemic is awful. Nonetheless we should not miss that this event allows us the opportunity to take stock of our national health.

Here’s one angle. For decades, Americans have watched as uncritical globalism has shipped hometown jobs to overseas locales. Many hard-working people have lost employment, with many men struggling greatly. Opioids have filled the gap, leaving families ravaged in their wake.

Too long have we just watched these trends. Too long have our towns crumbled, our families pulled apart. Too long have we tolerated economic chaos to buy trinkets for a few dollars less. The social costs have been staggering.

A global economy bears many benefits to us all. But uncritical globalism has had major consequences. We need masks, for example, but depend upon a corrupt Chinese government for them. The irony is thick.

Now is a great time to imagine what a national reset could look like.