Owen Strachan: Churchill: A Master Class in Statesmanship

Whether we remember our heroes or not tells us much about who we are as a people.

On this week 80 years ago—May 10, 1940—Winston Churchill became prime minister of Great Britain. In the midst of the worst crisis in one thousand years of Western history, he took the seals of office and began staging a master-class in statesmanship.

Churchill took the full force of his enemy, absorbing Hitler’s attacks psychically for the British people. The man’s greatest hour was the time of England’s greatest trial: the weathering of the terrifying aerial blitzkrieg, vicious U-boat hunting in the Atlantic, and much more besides.

Winston Churchill was no perfect man. But in the week marking the eightieth anniversary of the beginning of his prime ministerial effort to save Britain and Western civilization, we remember him.

We speak peace to his ashes and honor to his memory.