Mohler: The Legacy of Ginsburg and the Epic Battle Ahead

To those who saw her as a feminist icon of liberal causes, she was the notorious RBG. To conservatives, she was a formidable foe, the leader of the liberal wing of the Supreme Court. Ruth Bader Ginsburg fought incredibly hard against several cancers, but she lost her battle Friday evening in Washington, DC. She was 87 years old and had served on the nation’s highest court for 27 years.

Justice Ginsburg’s legacy is one of the main debates and dividing lines between the cultural left and the right in the United States on issues, including abortion. And her death sets up an epic battle for the future of the Supreme Court, and right as the presidential election was already hitting fever pitch. Both sides know that this will be a battle to define the court for a generation or more November 3rd, now looms even larger.