Albert Mohler: The ACLU Has Effectively Switched Teams

The ACLU has effectively switched teams, again, on another issue.

Beginning in the late 1960s, the civil rights organization consistently argued for the rights of female athletes in sport, and that meant to compete with other females in sport.

Eventually, Congress passed Title IX legislation in 1972, and that eventually meant an entire structure of women’s sport alongside men’s sport in university intercollegiate athletics.

But the ACLU has now joined the transgender revolution, meaning that it’s now arguing the opposite of what the organization argued on behalf of freedom just back in 1972. The entire Title IX system only makes sense if you know that there is a difference between males and females, and by the way, it’s biological.

Sandra Bucha, a former competitive swimmer who was helped by the ACLU in the courts in the past, explained the results of this turnabout in the Wall Street Journal. She writes, “Women and girls are being displaced by biologically male athletes who have a clear physical advantage. Again,” she writes, “It is the female athlete who’s being denied a spot on the team and the pursuit of her dream, and now is being told to watch from the sidelines.”

As Bucha says, “that’s regression, not progress.”