Lanhee Chen: A Hypocrisy Pandemic

California Governor Gavin Newsom has repeatedly called on Californians to come together and make sacrifices to fight COVID-19.

The request would have been better received if, at the same time, Governor Newsom wasn’t off violating his own public health guidance by dining with a group of lobbyists at one of America’s most posh restaurants. Or, sending his kids to a Sacramento private school, in person, while many California schools remain closed for in-person learning and millions of students slog their way through online classes.

The problem with Newsom’s hypocritical actions is that they undercut the very health care professionals and scientists whose advice he is asking Californians to follow. It makes those of us who live in California wonder who we can trust, and what guidance we should be listening to. At a time when we need leadership and clarity, Newsom has given us hypocrisy and confusion.

California’s voters won’t soon forget his shortcomings.