Lanhee Chen: The CCP Tightens Noose on Hong Kong

Chinese leader Xi Jinping is sending a message to Washington: Regardless of who is in the Oval Office, their authoritarian crackdown on Hong Kong will continue.

Beijing just passed a resolution permitting the expulsion of any Hong Kong legislators who aren’t sufficiently loyal to the Chinese Communist Party. Hong Kong’s chief executive, who is loyal to Beijing herself, immediately kicked out four legislators; prompting another 15 in the 70-seat Hong Kong legislature to resign a few hours later.

Xi and his allies are tightening the noose on Hong Kong, exerting more and more power over it. This latest action comes on the heels of a sweeping national security law passed over the summer, which installed more of China’s security apparatus in Hong Kong and significantly limited freedoms of speech and protest traditionally granted to its residents.

The Chinese Communist Party has made its intentions toward Hong Kong clear. It’s now up to the US, and our allies who believe in freedom and democracy, to stand against Beijing’s bullying.