Hugh Hewitt: Joe Biden’s Opportunity

President Elect Joe Biden has a historic opportunity to meet the moment with his inaugural address. All Americans should be praying he delivers the speech of his life, and it will need to be, given the deeply divided nation he will be facing.

He will need to have an eye on the disaster of last week, the lost lives and the deep disgrace brought upon the nation. But he will also need to summon Americans to return to the politics of the postwar years, when bipartisan debate turned on how best to defend the country so that all could enjoy its blessings.

Moderation is not easy to argue for after the savage attack on the Capitol by the mob.

But it is moderation that we need now.

Partisan dangers and sweeping condemnation will not help the new president achieve what is needed. Appeals to reason and civility could help him—in Lincoln’s words—“bind up the nation’s wounds.”

… And healing is what the nation needs.