Jerry Bowyer: This Is Not Principled Conservatism

As we approach a new administration, it is important to uphold an element of American exceptionalism—a peaceful transition of power.

There’s been nothing wrong with investigating and challenging illegal voting practices.

But what is absolutely wrong is any call for violent resistance—in this case, to Joe Biden and his election. We’re seeing calls in social media for violent responses, either in the form of rebellion or in the form of martial law.

Not only is this rhetoric dangerous, it runs against principled conservatism. The Founders only declared independence after a long period of abuses by the King, and then used force in self-defense. The Bible admonishes Christians to “submit to the governing authorities.”

The inflammatory rhetoric does nothing to help the conservative movement. It does not stop Biden. It does not ensure a second Trump administration.

It hurts our cause. It should stop.