Hugh Hewitt: Our Children: Key Victims of Pandemic Politics

If you’re a parent or a grandparent of school-aged children, I am sure you’ve been tracking with the fact that:

One: School-aged children are safe if they return to school.

And two:

President Biden was elected with a promise to get our kids back into school.

The Associated Press came out with a story this week that amounts to little more than fake news—the real sort of fake news.

The headline was simple: “Union approves deal with Chicago schools to return to class.”

That sounds great, but it’s five paragraphs in when we learn—and I quote—“No plans have been set for high school students, who will continue with online learning.”

The headline ought to have been: Union approves deal with Chicago schools not to return to class.

Chicago is like L.A., which is like New York City—cities with enormously powerful public employee unions—unions that virtually run their Democratic parties, which do indeed run their cities. The teacher unions are operating with a concern for their pensions and with an effort to keep their members at home.

Our young ones are paying the price.

Reopen the schools and reopen them now.