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Jerry Bowyer: Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade and the Dignity of Human Life

We can understand in part, but Bourdain’s death and Kate Spade’s death brought the parade of televised tributes and eulogies heaping admiration on these celebrities who had taken their own lives.

And now: we have a government report indicating a 30 percent spike in the national suicide rate.

In all this, we hear very little about the immorality of suicide: The deliberate taking of human life.

And: We don’t hear about the studies that show those who do not attend religious services are five times more likely to kill themselves relative to active attendees.

Struggling souls need help, hearing—now more than ever—that life is a gift of God, that life is worth living.

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Dennis Prager: A Huge Betrayal of Trust

Last Thursday’s report by Inspector General Horowitz on FBI behavior during the Hillary Clinton email probe should shake our country to its core.

This report continues the erosion of public trust in an American institution that has long been highly esteemed for its professionalism and integrity.  While exposing gross political bias in several FBI officials, the report scorches former FBI Director James Comey for his abuse of authority, and for deceiving both his superiors and the public.

What motivated him? Mollie Hemmingway on my program did not hesitate to answer: He “was definitely animated by self-interest—in his own power and the power of the FBI.”

There was a time when public servants were motivated by earning the public trust.  We will suffer greatly as a nation if this doesn’t continue.

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Mark Davis: Why We Need ‘Guarded Optimism’ on North Korea Summit

If the smiles and handshakes give way to the usual North Korean lies and delays, it could all amount to nothing. But there’s a sense this time that things are different. The American President is certainly of a different type. 

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