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Georgia the Latest State to Seek Protection of Religious Rights

The ACLU and other gay rights groups are opposed (ABC News).  Meanwhile, on the national stage, Time Magazine promotes Republicans who support gay marriage (Time).  And Dr. Ben Carson seeks to avoid the topic altogether (Pulse).  Business giants Facebook and Apple join many others filing to support gay marriage (USA Today).

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PLO Ends Security Cooperation with Israel

As the tension grows (Israel National News).  Terrorism hits Israel as a car rams police (ABC News).  Meanwhile, from Charles Krauthammer on Obama:  He persists in believing that Iran’s radical Islamist regime can be turned by sweet reason and fine parchment into a force for stability. It’s akin to his refusal to face the true nature of the Islamic State, Iran’s Sunni counterpart. He simply can’t believe that such people actually believe what they say (Washington Post).  And  ISIS continues to wipe out pieces of history (Fox News).  They brutally kill gays (CNN).

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Supreme Court Shows Division Over Obamacare Subsidies

The story also notes “Chief Justice John Roberts, who was the deciding factor in the last major ObamaCare case in 2012, said almost nothing in nearly 90 minutes of back-and-forth” (Fox News).  Reuters is worried about what a decision will do to those recently forced into Obamacare (Reuters).  Obama’s lawyers have a difficult task (WSJ).

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