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Heather Mac Donald on the Baltimore Riots and the Crisis of Fatherlessness

Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute joined Bill Bennett on Tuesday to discuss the riots in Baltimore. Mac Donald argued that young men, like women, need role models. The effect of not having a father in the home or male role models in a community is “cataclysmic,” she says.

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Hewitt: A Deep GOP Field 4-29-15

Pepperdine California Democratic Party

In this long run-up to next year’s contest, 16 of the men and women who are seriously thinking of running for president have been on the other side of the microphone from me at least once—some multiple times—since the New Year. Using last names, in alphabetical order, they are: Bolton, Bush, Carson, Christie, Cruz, Fiorina, Graham, Huckabee, Kasich, Pataki, Paul, Perry, Rubio, Santorum, Trump and Walker.

There has never been as deep a GOP field, full of experienced and able communicators, executives, thinkers and showmen. The debates in which I will get to participate will need stadium seating for the candidates and lots more time than the customary 90 to 120 minutes, if all are to be given a chance to opine on the key issues of the campaign. In today’s media saturated world, “funny” and “relaxed” are almost the highest compliments that can be earned after “serious and informed.” Most of these candidates are all of those things. Touch, timing, charm and charisma—never have such hard-to-define qualities mattered so much. And rarely have they been this abundant.


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GOP Hopefuls Begin To Make Their Case 4-25-15

Opioids Tariffs

Hugh Hewitt and Ted Cruz on Obama’s non-deal with Iran. Michael Medved on Obama squaring Iran’s “death to America” mantra. Bill Bennett and and Bing West on Obama’s inability to deal with aggressive Iranian war ships. Hewitt and John Kasich on Kasich’s possible run in ’16. Medved with Jeb Bush on why he would make a good president. Hewitt and Rick Perry’s on Perry’s credentials if he decides to run in ’16. Prager on the non-terrorist Muslims throwing numerous Christians overboard and murdering them because they prayed to God.

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Hewitt: You Thought it Couldn’t Happen Here 4-28-15

Pepperdine California Democratic Party

Author, attorney and veteran of Iraq, David French has written a must read piece in National Review on the unseen persecution of Wisconsin conservatives by the public employee unions of the badger State acting through state prosecutors. Detailed in French’s article, titled “Wisconsin’s Shame” are the now infamous tactics of a Wisconsin prosecutor to criminalize conservatism in the Badger State. The police raids, the threats and demands that lawyers not be contacted, the now five years of raids, interrogations, court proceedings and litigation bills that have attempted to crush supporters of Scott Walker under the innocuous title of a “John Doe” investigation. French details it all—and it is sickening. He highlights the court challenges that could bring an end to this assault on the First Amendment.

David French has provided the best summary yet of what happens when the state itself becomes an actor in the political debate and uses its power to crush opponents.  You thought it couldn’t happen here.  Well it did.  In Wisconsin, of all places.

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Mohler: Chimps Get Their Day in Court 4-27-15

Rachel Feltman, writing for the Washington Post, reported last week that a New York judge has “granted two chimpanzees a writ of habeas corpus.” Feltman explains, “The judge hasn’t ruled that the two chimps who live in a Stony Brook University lab need to be released. The decision only means that the chimps have the right to fight their detention in court.” Let me just state the obvious. These chimps are not going to argue their case in court. These chimps didn’t file any legal documents. These chimps have not hired attorneys. These chimps are represented by attorneys who have decided to represent a firm that claims to represent the chimps.

This leads to one of the great issues of worldview confusion in our day: namely, the constant temptation to come up with some way to blur the distinction between human beings and other creatures. The confusion has been and will continue to be deeply subversive to human dignity.

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Medved: Challenging The “Candidate Of Experience” 4-24-15

The Hillary for President team takes great encouragement from recent polling showing Americans seeking “experience” in a candidate for president more than a “new direction.” They will therefore position their candidate as a seasoned “pragmatic problem solver” and “middle class champion.” But in terms of experience, what will they emphasize?

First, in Ms. Clinton’s eight years as First Lady, her most heralded effort created “HillaryCare”—the disastrous insurance reform so unpopular it cost her party control of Congress for the first time in 40 years.

Then came her Senate service, where her most famous decision was her strong support for war in Iraq—a position conservatives may respect but most of her fellow Democrats despise.

And then, as Secretary of State, the big stories involved the catastrophic “reset” with Putin’s newly aggressive Russia and, of course, Benghazi.

If Hillary wants to focus on her experience, the GOP should welcome that debate.

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