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Border Tension, GM Cruzes Overseas and the Rise of Socialism

Townhall Review – December 1, 2018

Mike Gallagher looks at the media frenzy surrounding the “caravan” and how their take seems to be changing. Larry Elder turns to constitutional expert, Professor John Eastman, to talk about the President’s Executive Order regarding asylum requests. Hugh Hewitt teams up with Congressman Mike Gallagher to talk about Russian aggression in the Kerch Strait. Dennis Prager offers his take on a Meet the Press debate about climate change following the release of the Fed’s publication of the “Fourth National Climate Assessment.” Michael Medved and Denmark’s Bjorn Lomborg examine climate science from a socio-economic perspective. Hugh Hewitt talks with MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle about General Motors’ announced factory closures that will put nearly 15,000 GM employees out of work. Dennis Prager is joined by British broadcaster Nigel Farage to talk about Great Britain’s upcoming 2019 elections and the rise of the left-leaning and increasingly socialist Labour Party. The return of red kettles and bell ringers is a sure sign the Christmas season has arrived. Hugh Hewitt talks with Salvation Army Colonel Ward Matthews and their year-round mission.

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Michael Medved: Overcoming False Charges of Racism

In the last Senate contest of this election cycle, Democrats tried—but failed—to destroy an incumbent Republican with unfair charges of racism.

In the runoff campaign of the Mississippi special election, Democrats focused almost exclusively on one foolish, insensitive comment by Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, who expressed her admiration for a local leader by saying “if he invited me to a public hanging, I’d be on the front row.” Dems saw a menacing invocation of Mississippi’s brutal history of lynching, and an attack on the black Democratic nominee, Mike Espy, while national media claimed Senator Hyde-Smith’s campaign was collapsing. 

When ballots were counted, however, she won easily—increasing her percentage of the final tally by 12 points over her showing in the non-partisan primary.

While pundits may obsess on silly, off-hand and—yes—regrettable remarks, voters are less willing to enforce political correctness by punishing candidates for making them.

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Jerry Bowyer: Time for the Kudlow Plan

The Republican party will shortly turn over control of the House to the Democrats, but does that mean there are no more opportunities to cut taxes and spur growth?

Not at all.

Larry Kudlow—the President’s Chief Economic Advisor—has previously promoted a way a president could cut taxes without going through Congress.

It appears that the tax statutes give the president the authority to adjust the calculation of investment taxes so that we get taxed on actual gains, not increases in prices due to inflation.

Imagine you bought a share of stock for a hundred dollars and sold it several years later for 110 dollars, but there had also been ten percent inflation. You didn’t really make any money, you just broke even, but the IRS would tax you on that alleged gain. It appears that the President has the authority to change that without going through Congress.

It’s time for the Kudlow plan.

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Michael Medved: Does Hostility to Israel Reflect Anti-Semitism?

In the recent midterms, Democrats elected several new House members who express outspoken hostility to Israel, raising old questions about connections between antagonism to the Jewish state and hatred of the Jewish people—anti-Semitism. 

Criticism of Israeli policies isn’t automatically anti-Semitic; Israel’s vibrant democracy enables loyal citizens to oppose their elected leaders. But if hostility extends to the nation itself and challenges its very existence, that surely amounts to anti-Semitic bigotry.

Jewish claims to nationhood deserve the same respect as those of other peoples. Slovakia first became an independent state in 1993,  and has the same percentage of non-Slovak population—20 percent—as Israel’s percentage of non-Jews. But no one protests Slovakia’s existence, and if you did you’d be guilty of irrational, anti-Slovak prejudice. Obsessive hatred of the nation state of the Jews similarly equates to Jew hatred, an ancient, obvious form of bigotry.

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Michael Medved: A Chance to Win by Fixing Disasters

Two recent disasters give President Trump a chance to shape bipartisan solutions to Make America Great Again.  First, disputed elections in Florida, Georgia and elsewhere exposed grievous shortcomings in the way we cast and count our votes; in an age of dazzling technology, the current confusion is inexcusable. The President could convene a national commission to address the mess, selecting a prominent Democrat to co-chair that effort.

One possible candidate: former Senator Joe Lieberman, with a bi-partisan background and personal experience as Vice Presidential nominee during the infamous recount chaos of 2000.

Second, the devastating wild fires in California demand immediate enhancements in forestry management and fire-fighting capacity; any upgrade to infrastructure should begin with new strategies to prevent and contain these nightmarish infernos. By addressing these two issues immediately, the president can challenge the new Democratic House to cooperate, restoring confidence in government’s ability to respond.

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