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Stupid, Lied To, or Both? 11-14-14

Bill Bennett spoke with China expert Gordon Chang about Obama’s visit to China. Bennett and Middle East expert/AEI scholar Michael Rubin on Iran’s nuclear ambitions and their threat to Israel. Hugh Hewitt with RNC chair Reince Priebus unpack the election and look forward. Dennis Prager on the Democrat’s money guy, Tom Steyer and his $70 million contributions in lost elections. Dennis Prager on MIT economics professor Jonathan Gruber (aka Obamacare Architect) and his comments regarding O’care lies and the “stupidity” of the American voter. Dennis Prager with author Joel Kotkin on the “New Class Conflict.”

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Obama’s Election Take: I Hear You Non-Voters 11-7-14

Bill Bennett with Rober Costa on the election results. Mike Gallagher and Newt Gingrich discuss the election. Dennis Prager and John Fund on moving forward after the election. Michael Medved on the disenfranchising impact of third-party candidates. Prager and Michael Coren on the present holocaust being perpetrated by Muslims on Christians in the Middle East. Hewitt and Thomas Edsall on Obama’s future and his impact on the the Democrat party. Tom Cotton’s victory speech.

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Corporations DO Create Jobs…Don’t They? 10-31-14

Bill Bennett and Bill Kristol on the potential loss of the Senate to the Republicans. Hugh Hewitt and CNN’s Jake Tapper on the election. Prager and Ann Coulter discuss Christian’s and their reluctance to engage in the voting process–they also discuss how some conservatives make the purest Republican the enemy of the most potentially-electable Republican. Bennett spoke with Mitch McConnell. Arkansas Republican Tom Cotton is just days away from taking a key Senate seat from the Democrats–he spoke to Hugh Hewitt. Michael Medved took a look at a Hillary’s attack on business. Michael Medved looks at the silly attempt to divide America by gender. Bill Bennett and Byron York on the gender gap. Dennis Prager on feminist’s latest attempt to push their message…with a video of 9-year-old F-bomb-dropping girls.

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Islamic Terror In Canada: Obama Yawns, Sends A Shout-Out 10-24-14

Bill Bennett and election expert, Sean Trende of Real Clear Politics break down the races. Michael Medved on Tavis Smiley’s remarkably transparent comment regarding the black vote. Hugh Hewitt with U.S. Federal Prosecutor Andrew McCarthy, then with Victor Davis Hanson, and then with Mark Steyn–they discuss Islamic terror arriving in Ottawa, Canada. Bill Bennett and Pete Wehner, Sr. Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center discuss how “in the dumps” the economy is. Dennis Prager on Idaho legislators subpoenaed 5 Christian pastors to hand over their sermons to see how “tolerant” they were with homosexuality.

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Ryan: Obamacare is Doomed

In a USA Today op-ed, the former vp candidate writes “The worst of the law is yet to come. This year, the individual mandate kicks in for real. Anyone who doesn’t have health insurance in 2015 will have to pay a tax of $325 or 2% of taxable income.  And this year’s tax season will be even more stressful than usual: H&R Block estimates that up to half of the 6.8 million people who got subsidies last year might have to pay some of those subsidies back.

But just because we can’t fix Obamacare doesn’t mean we can’t start to get rid of its worst features. On Thursday, the House will take up a bill to define “full time” as 40 hours per week, so more people can work full time.  Ultimately, the law will collapse under its own weight. Until then, we have to start building a better health care system in its place. And we need to start with a new principle: Put the patient in the driver’s seat. That’s how we can build a healthy economy (USA Today).  Hospitals in England are a mess as they are in advanced stages of universal healthcare (Independent).

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Boehner Re-Elected Speaker

With just 25 votes against (Townhall).  Louie Gohmert insists many Republicans backed out of voting for him at the last minute (Breitbart).  Kevin Williamson explains why he believes “that John Boehner has been a pretty good speaker, that his is a nearly impossible job, and that 99 percent of those who castigate him as a weakling and a sellout — officeholders and free-range critics alike — could not hope to perform half as well as he has. But Gohmert’s challenge was nonetheless welcome” (NRO).  Not all the congressional stories were about Boehner (CBS News).

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