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A Battle for the Court and the Future

President Trump’s nominee to the United States Supreme Court will be facing a fight in the United States Senate. The Republicans currently have 52 votes in the Senate and it takes 60 votes to overcome a filibuster.  The New York Times reports that “Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the...

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Albert Mohler: A Chaplain’s Responsibility

Military chaplains shouldn’t have to choose whether to serve God or the army, but according to Sue Fulton, that is exactly what they must do. Fulton is the chairwoman of the U.S. Military Academy Board of Visitors and in the New York Times Sunday magazine, she states that “what people...

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Hewitt: Culture Clash

If you’re like me, I imagine you have someone in your life who is anxious about President Trump. In a recent conversation with some dear friends, I cited Trump’s well-qualified administration and cabinet-level picks. In response, I got feigned, hopeful smiles. My friends—genuine moderates—are unsettled by Trump’s approach. The single...

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Lila Rose Exposes Planned Parenthood’s True Agenda on the Mike Gallagher Show

On the Mike Gallagher Show , Founder and President of Live Action Lila Rose shares details about undercover videos showing that a number of Planned Parenthood centers are not offering prenatal care. Instead, as one Planned Parenthood worker stated it on video, “we specialize in abortions.” Join Mike Gallagher’s premium content website at MikeOnlineGold.com....

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Carmen LaBerge: A Pro-Life Renewal

Sanctity of Life Sunday and the March for Life are bookends of a week where Americans remind the world that every life matters. President Trump set his mark on the week by reinstating the Mexico City Policy, ending the use of American taxpayer dollars to fund abortion worldwide. And with...

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THR 1/28/17: Trump Already Making America Great Again

Trump chooses General H.R. McMaster for NSA chief

Dennis Prager shares why he is proud of Donald Trump’s inaugural address. Law professor Lanhee Chen joins the Hugh Hewitt Show to discuss how Trump has wasted no time in repealing and replacing Obamacare. Hewitt turns to Richard Fontaine, president of the Center for a New American Security, to learn...

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Mohler: First Days Of Trump

There is a prevailing myth in official Washington and it comes down to this: candidates run on one platform, but govern on another. President Trump, therefore, shattered expectations in his inaugural address when he made it clear that he would govern on the same platform he adopted as a candidate....

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Greg Thornbury: We Should Be Cheering DeVos

Greg Thornbury on WikiLeaks

When Betsy DeVos testified before the Senate education committee last week, she drew fire from Democrats who grilled her in the confirmation hearing. Their complaint was principally for two reasons: 1) She supports parents to make the decision where they want to send their children. School choice. 2) She has...

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