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Jerry Bowyer: Game of Thrones: Better than the Lord of the Rings?

Hardcore Game of Thrones fans love to tell us how much better those books are than the Lord of the Rings. They think that George R.R. Martin presents a realistic view of war, whereas Tolkien presents a fairy tale. Here’s the problem: only one of those men actually saw war, and it wasn’t Martin.

Tolkien volunteered to fight in the First World War, in which he lost most of his friends. Martin, on the other hand, avoided the Vietnam draft by filing as a conscientious objector.

In Tolkien’s universe, evil is real, but there are genuinely good and noble characters fighting against it. In Martin’s universe, soldiers are almost invariably cruel and sadistic. Tolkien’s view of war, focused on heroism and self-sacrifice, came from manly personal experience. The man who fought found hope. The man who didn’t fight preaches hopelessness.

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Hugh Hewitt: A Grateful Nation Says, “Thank You”

Each year at this time, we are granted a three-day weekend and what amounts to a kick-off to the summer months ahead.

But let me encourage you to not miss perspective. This Memorial Day weekend take some time to reflect on the ultimate sacrifices made by so many who are interred at Arlington National Cemetery and other cemeteries around the United States.

But also to think about those who have paid very high prices, short of dying.

For some dozen years now, I’ve used my own program on the radio, on Memorial Day, to highlight the lives of people who’ve paid a heavy price in their service to the nation.

I turned to the group, Semper Fi Fund and I mentioned the Fisher House Foundation, both are not-for-profits that are helping the wounded warriors around the United States and the families that love and support them in ways that are so both efficient and winsome.

Look them up. Support them. Support—especially—the families in your world who’ve paid a heavy price for their service to the nation.

We are debtors to those who serve, those who die, those who fight, and those who are wounded.

Today, a grateful nation says, “Thank you.”

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Katie Pavlich: Bad Faith Actors in Iran

As we pass the one year anniversary of President Trump officially pulling out of the Iran nuclear agreement, the Islamic Republic is proving exactly why he was right to do so.

Despite the pro-Iran deal and the claims of the Obama echo chamber, the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism hasn’t changed.

They continue to pump money into terrorist organizations like Hezbollah and Hamas in the Middle East—but also in South America. They are also funding proxy groups—like those in Yemen who continue to attack civilian targets in Saudi Arabia.

They’ve operated in bad faith and lied about their intentions to obtain a nuclear weapon. Not to mention their role in the killing of at least 600 Americans in Iraq.

The Trump administration is right to respond with a maximum pressure campaign to punish Iran for its behavior—and it’s working. President Trump, unlike many before him, is working to deter behavior rather than enable it.

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President Trump Presses Back on Impeachment Threats; Iran Presses Ahead With Threatening Provocations

Townhall Review – May 25, 2019

Mike Gallagher looks at President Trump’s reaction to Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s cover-up accusation.

Dennis Prager talks about former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign kickoff speech.

Hugh Hewitt talks with former Israel-U.S. Ambassador Michael Oren about the heightened tension around the Persian Gulf and Iran.

Mike Gallagher and Heather Mac Donald, Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and author, details the problems with the SAT implementing an ‘adversity score’ for students applying to college.

Sebastian Gorka turns to Michael Doran of the Hudson Institute to examine the recent Australian elections.

Sebastian Gorka talks with former House speaker Newt Gingrich about his recent novel, “Collusion.”

Seth Leibsohn and Historian Wilfred McClay discuss  his new history book, “Land of Hope: An Invitation to the Great American History.”

Larry Elder talks with John Lott, founder and President of the Crime Prevention Research Center, about what Democrats are trying to do to remove all guns from our society.

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Hugh Hewitt: Who’s to Blame in Tensions With Iran?

The Trump administration deserves some credit for seeing Iran clearly.

President Obama did not. His efforts to lure Ayatollah Khomeini into changing the behavior of his rogue regime never had a chance because it began from the premise that appeasement works, but appeasement never does work.

Not with Iran. Not with Russia and the famous “reset” button. And not in the 1994 deal with North Korea.

The appeasement policies of Obama have been abandoned. Good!

Iran is dangerously close to provoking a conflict—and most U.S. media outlets are far behind the news curve.

President Trump has been ably served by National Security Advisor John Bolton—as well as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Both rightly believe that Iran was, is and will remain a rogue regime as long as the radical theocrats remain in power.

It’s not about Bolton or Pompeo.

It’s about the mullahs in Tehran. It has been since 1979.

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