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Owen Strachan: What Is Happening in America?

What is happening in America?

Many have asked this question of late. In Portland, Oregon, police recently received some sixty 911 calls, and could handle only a few. A video from the city went viral as it showed a man named Adam Haner attacked by a mob. He was conscious until Marquise Love, a Black Lives Matter protestor, roundhouse-kicked him. It is not known if Haner will survive.

This is merely one example of many from an embattled city. Americans should not miss what is taking place in our country. The foundations of law and order, of justice and social coherence, are shaking.

We should all take responsibility for the future of this country. Liberal policies and decisions are undoing American order. People do not have help when they call 911. Mobs are ruling downtowns.

Alongside other questions, we ask this: what will happen in America? Where policy corrupts, new leadership is needed.

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Jerry Bowyer: The Business Community and Our Current Crisis

The respected research firm The Morning Consult just released new findings about how Americans want the business community to respond to our current crisis.

At the top of the list, they want businesses to set up a fund to help small businesses recover from looting, with a net positive approval of almost 50 percent.

Towards the bottom of the list we see things like supporting protestors on social media.

There’s no real consensus on statements of support—whether for protestors or for the police.

The bottom line is that people want companies to actually help, not to pose, and the group they want helped are the victims of the looting and rioting.

Facile expressions of woke solidarity are not taken seriously by customers. The people see past it.

Businesses should shift towards more even-handed and constructive responses or they risk losing the respect of their customers.

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Hugh Hewitt: An Enormous Win for Peace

When the headlines in major newspapers around the world all communicate the same message, something “huge” has indeed happened. And, indeed, the peace accord of Israel with the United Arab Emirates is huge.

The role of modern trios linked in Middle East history by the title “peacemaker” has now expanded to three: There was Egyptian President Sadat, Israeli Prime Minister Begin and President Carter in ’78; Jordan’s King Hussein, Israeli Prime Minister Rabin and Clinton in ’94; and now Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed—MBZ—of the United Arab Emirates, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Trump.

It’s an enormous win for peace in the region.

If the Nobel committee is truly seeking to encourage—and not merely applaud—peace, they’ll give the prize to all three leaders for this enormous and unforeseen breakthrough on one of the most intractable problems and delicate regions of the world.

Bravo to all involved.

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