Mohler: Election 2016: Where Are the “Nones”?

In the 2016 presidential election, political analysts are increasingly interested in how the “nones” will vote in this election.

We’re not talking about Catholic nuns; we’re taking about the growing percentage of Americans who tell pollsters that they have no religious affiliation whatsoever.

Although this group is indeed growing as a voting bloc, they aren’t actually voting.

And the reason why many of the unaffiliated, the nones, are unlikely to vote is because they, by definition, seem to hold no really strong convictions that might animate them one way or the other.

They’re less likely to show up, not only in church, by definition, but also in other kinds of civic associations.

They aren’t joiners. They don’t have the kinds of deep beliefs that also lead to common social bonds that would also reinforce not only their worldview and convictions, but whether or not they hold those convictions deeply enough to actually get out and do something about them, including getting out to vote.

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Media, NFL Still Remarkably Clueless on Drop in Ratings

The story claims “The decline has become a mystery, for the media and surely for the NFL.”  It took twelve paragraphs, loaded with theories, before they came to this one:  “Some are suggesting that the anthem protests are causing fans to boycott the NFL, but it’s hard to see a connection between the objections to the behavior of a small group of players and the decision of significant numbers of fans to deprive themselves of something they enjoy. The NFL has made its position on the anthem clear, and the vast majority of players continue to stand at attention.”  Dear media and NFL, if you allow one of your dogs to bite my children, I don’t care that the other dogs don’t.  The media and the NFL can’t imagine that people love their country enough to care.  And that’s what’s particularly shocking.  They are so far from the average citizen that they search for clues for the drop in ratings when the answer is painfully obvious to the rest of us.  We already knew the media despises America, so patriotism is unfathomable.  It is sad to see those running the NFL do as well.

NBC News

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University of Michigan Can’t Tell If You’re a Boy or Girl Unless You Tell Them

From the story:  A new initiative by the University of Michigan invites students to report their preferred gender pronouns to the university so faculty and staff can use these when addressing each student.  Here’s what’s scary:  These people are educating your children.  If they can’t identify a boy in their classroom, how can they explain the far more complicated areas of biology and chemistry?  My three-year-old knows a girl when they see one but a professor at the University of Michigan needs to check his roster.


Michigan Capital Confidential

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THR 10/1/16: Donald and Hillary in Full Attack Mode at Debate

Opioids Tariffs

Dennis Prager provides his insight into the debate between Trump and Clinton. Hugh Hewitt talks with Ted Cruz and why he decided to finally back Trump. Medved offers his thoughts on the presidential debate. Mike Gallagher talks with Heather Mac Donald about stop and frisk and the black community in relation to crime. Larry Elder says that the primary cause of black crime is the lack of fathers in the home. Hewitt chats with Senator Tom Cotton about immigration. Larry Elder talks with author and economist Thomas Sowell about the necessity of human capital in order to build a flourishing economy. Hewitt interacts with audio of Senator Ben Sasse and FBI Director James Comey.

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Hewitt: Many Questions Remain

Pepperdine California Democratic Party

The first debate is in the books but many questions remain for debates two and three. It was my opinion that Mr. Trump scored points and won votes in the first 39 minutes of the debate until the issue of birtherism arose. Thereafter he seemed to lose his footing. The very experienced debater Secretary Clinton won the debate in the eyes of most commentators on the strength of that last hour.

Lester Holt did a fine job moderating with no untoward interventions such as have marred past debates. Subsequent debates should be devoted to topics not already directly posed to the candidates. 84 million Americans do not need replays of questions already asked and answered on the biggest stage of all by the two candidates.

We especially encourage questions to Secretary Clinton on her record at the State Department and to Donald Trump as to what he might have done differently.

Moderators would be well advised to copy Mr. Holt’s style, but not his questions.

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Gallup: Voters Prefer Trump on Economy

But Hillary leads in most other categories (Gallup).  New polls show Clinton up slightly (RCP).  A story notes “Democrats are beginning to worry that too many African-American voters are uninspired by Clinton’s candidacy, leading her campaign to hit the panic button this week and launch an all-out blitz to juice-up voter enthusiasm” (Politico).   Hillary’s love of abortion continues to be an issue (The Pulse).  And then there’s this:  NBC parent company Comcast donated $5.6 million to the Democratic Party during its convention in Philadelphia, and NBC provided Monday night’s presidential debate moderator (Daily Caller).

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Davenport: Debt Is a Problem of National Security

In a presidential campaign, it’s amazing that no one is talking about the national debt. Well, actually someone is: the Congressional Budget Office issued a report this summer and we should be shocked.

Here are the top 2 things the nonpartisan CBO concluded:

1)     Deficits are growing because spending—primarily on Social Security, health care and interest on the debt—is growing faster than revenue.

2)     The ratio of debt to Gross National Product has nearly doubled during the Obama administration to 75% today, and it is projected to grow to 141% in 2046.

But don’t worry, because the Democrats have a plan: spend more and tax the rich.  And Donald Trump says when we go bankrupt he will renegotiate our debt.

Is anyone besides me worried about this?  Are we numb to the rapidly escalating debt?  Debt is not only a question of fiscal responsibility, it is a problem of national security.

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