Hillary Stumbling Out of the Blocks

At her Iowa kickoff event, Hillary spoke to just “22 people” that was later described as “dozens of reporters” (National Journal).  Peggy Noonan notes of Hillary “She is treated like the queen of England, who also isn’t subjected to impertinent questions as she glides into and out of venues. But she is the queen. We are not supposed to have queens” (WSJ).  The 13 words Camp Hillary warned reporters not to say (Washington Post) have been mocked (IJ Review).  From Carly Fiorina:  I think it’s ironic that she thinks the middle class needs a champion from the political class. I think what the middle class needs is relief from the political class and from the policies that she supports, because of course, they’re crushing the middle class (Hugh Hewitt).

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Congress Continues to Move on Iran Legislation

The story notes “The Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday unanimously approved legislation that would allow Congress to have a say on a possible U.S. nuclear negotiation with Iran” (Fox News).  From the Wall Street Journal:  As late as Tuesday morning, Secretary of State John Kerry was still railing in private against the bill. But the White House finally conceded when passage with a veto-proof majority seemed inevitable. The bill will now pass easily on the floor, and if Mr. Obama’s follows his form, he will soon talk about the bill as if it was his idea (WSJ).  John Boehner said Obama made a “deal with the devil” (Bloomberg).

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Rubio Announces

Stealing the spotlight that was on Hillary (RCP).  From National Review:  Rubio is probably the most charismatic potential Republican nominee. He speaks movingly about his love for the United States and the opportunities it has offered him and his family. He is the field’s most articulate advocate of strong American leadership in foreign affairs. These traits alone would be enough to put him in the top tier of Republican candidates (NRO). Hillary got some attention by not getting any attention at a Chipotle (USA Today).  A look at Hillary’s ability to lie without remorse (WSJ).  From Tom Cotton:  …the Democratic Party is largely out of ideas. It’s intellectually exhausted and running on stale, tired ideas from the 1970s (Hugh Hewitt).

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Obama Meets with Castro

Again, treating an enemy better than he does Israel (Fox News).  Another story notes Marco “Rubio, whose parents are Cuban, said the president was letting his guard down on the danger Havana presents to American interests” (The Hill).

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Hillary Announces Run

As expected (USA Today).  From the Wall Street Journal: Mrs. Clinton is running less as an individual than as the figurehead of an apparatus of money and organization designed to keep power for the Democratic Party and American liberals. You might even call it a vast left-wing conspiracy, to modify the former First Lady’s famous coinage. She rose atop this machine not because of her personal qualities or her ideas but because she’s all the Democrats think they have (WSJ).  From Hugh Hewitt: Dems are working overtime to prop up a candidate who seems on the verge of collapse before she’s even begun (Washington Examiner). From Victor Davis Hanson: She thinks she can win largely on the issue of being the first woman president in the manner that Barack Obama milked his racially iconic status in lieu of a record. Her supporters believe that they can reignite the old wars: the Republican war on women, war on minorities, war on immigrants, war on the environment, war on the poor, war on everybody — and thereby galvanize the supposedly oppressed, as in 2008-2012, to register, turn out, and vote in lockstep in record numbers. Thereby they will more than make up for the millions of independents and white, blue-collar so-called Reagan Democrats that she will lose by such racial and gender histrionics (PJ Media).  A look at Hillary’s ambition (NRO).  She’s hoping to fool the public by hopping in a minivan (AFP).  Meanwhile, Rubio is expected to enter the race today (CBS News).  And it can’t help Jeb Bush that he has Michael Bloomberg on his side (Breitbart).

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Voters Want Aggressive Deportation Policies

According to the story, “Americans have reached a new level of anger over the issue, with most demanding a more aggressive deportation policy — and reversal of a law that grants citizenship to kids of illegals born in the U.S” (Washington Examiner).  From the pollster:  Just 16% of Likely U.S. Voters think the U.S. government is too aggressive in deporting those who are in the country illegally. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 62% believe the government is not aggressive enough in deporting these illegal immigrants, up from 52% a year ago and 56% in November(Rasmussen).

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