Supreme Court to Hear Obamacare Arguments Today

A look at what’s at stake in the Supreme Court right now (USA Today).  Another story notes “If the court strikes them down, the “vast majority” will be forced out of coverage almost immediately because their premiums will become prohibitively expensive, experts say. “There could be chaos,” said Abbe Gluck, a Yale Law School professor who specializes in health law (ABC News).  With the help of CBS News, Democrats predict pandemonium should the unpopular law be disabled (CBS News).

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Netanyahu Gives Powerful Speech to Congress

And the American people.   Video of the speech (C-span).  Transcript of the speech (Fox News). From Todd Starnes:  It’s no secret that the Islamic Republic of Iran wants to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth. These are the same people President Obama deems trustworthy enough to negotiate a nuclear deal. And for reasons that are yet unclear, the White House seems to think Israel is the bad guy (Fox News).

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Climate Change Freaks: Global Warming Helped ISIS

The story begins:  A drought from 2006 to 2010 was among the triggers for the current uprising in Syria, according to a new study. And climate models and the observational record suggest that the drought was amplified by a century-long, human-forced warming and drying trend (NBC News).  But somehow, there’s no talk of how the world is a better place due to the extreme cold we’ve had this winter (ABC News).

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Obama: Netanyahu Wrong, Iran Right in Recent Past

Once again, the president is siding with the enemy (AFP).  Obama called the upcoming Netanyahu speech “a distraction from what should be our focus” (ABC News).  At the same time, John Kerry is negotiation with Iran while telling Israel to back off (Reuters).  Nobody from the White House plans to attend (Fox News).  The Democrats (and one Republican, one independent) who are shunning Netanyahu (NAIC).  Susan Rice seems to believe you can’t stop Iran, anyway (Weekly Standard).  A look at the difference between Obama and Netanyahu (NRO).

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Hillary to Announce Next Month

According to this story (WSJ).  On the other side, one story claims Scott Walker will connect with average citizens much more so than the GOP establishment (Washington Examiner).  The media is jumping on him for his apparently changing immigration stance (CBS News).

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