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David Davenport: Trump’s First Hundred Days: Doing What He Promised

tax reform, Trump Doctorine, Trump, international law, rugged individualism, economic freedom

Since Franklin Roosevelt, presidents have been evaluated at the end of a hundred days.  Donald Trump drafted his own report card in a campaign speech last fall, saying what he would do in his first hundred days. And here’s the surprising thing:  he’s doing what he said. •    Appoint judges...

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Lanhee Chen: Time To Deliver

Senate, tax reform, deliver, America leads,

It can be tempting to try to draw far-reaching conclusions about the 2018 midterm elections from the special election results in Georgia’s 6th congressional district, where Democrat Jon Ossoff came close to winning the 50 percent of the vote he needed to capture the longtime conservative seat. But those midterms...

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Berkeley Now Says Coulter Can Speak on Campus


But not on the day originally planned, not at the same location, among other demands (Washington Post).  Coulter has blasted Berkeley, saying she is speaking as originally agreed (Twitter). Originally, Cal State Berkeley also made several demands, which Coulter agreed to (YAF). As of early this morning, the...

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Albert Mohler: Turkey And The Powerful President

Islamic, religious liberty, unraveling, Turkey, Coptic, Easter, Syrian Attack, California, Gorsuch is qualified, Alito Warns Us, Schumer's Deceit. Black Robe

The President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, recently announced that his government has won a big political victory. In a referendum vote, Turkey has amended its constitution to concentrate power in a single person, namely the president. This referendum reminds us that when human beings are given the choice between...

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THR 4/22/17: Tensions Rise over North Korea

Admiral James Stavridis joins the Hugh Hewitt Show to discuss the situation in North Korea. Mike Gallagher speaks with Fox News contributor Pete Hegseth about Trump’s foreign policy. Hewitt talks with Illinois Congressman Peter Roskam about Democrat Jon Ossoff’s loss in Georgia. Michael Medved  looks at the sad state of...

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DNC Pouring More Money into Ossoff

The story notes “Republicans got more votes yesterday in GA-06 than Democrats and unaffiliateds combined — even after the air-dropping of $8.3 million into Jon Ossoff’s campaign. Perez and the DNC had a huge organizational advantage and the normal opportunities afforded in special elections, and still couldn’t pull off the...

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Owen Strachan: The Erosion Of Parental Authority

parental, generosity and respect. Vice President Pence

Charlie Gard is fighting for his life. Tiny Charlie is eight months old and battling a rare disorder called mitochondrial depletion syndrome. His muscles are deteriorating and he is fed through a tube. Recently, a judge it the United Kingdom ruled that Charlie should be taken off of life support....

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Hugh Hewitt: End The “Blue Slip” Tradition

grateful, slaughter, admiral, Congressional Review Act, sea change, Blue Slip, tax reform, EPA

The appointment of Justice Neil Gorsuch to the United States Supreme Court was President Trump’s greatest achievement in his first 100 days in office. Now there are 20 vacancies on the federal circuit courts of appeals and hundreds on the district and special courts, but a huge obstacle stands in...

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Max Boot: U.S. Shouldn’t Move Beyond Saber Rattling With North Korea

Max Boot

Max Boot joined Hugh Hewitt to discuss the looming potential of conflict between the United States and North Korea. Boot advises that the U.S. should not risk open conflict with North Korea, a nuclear armed state with tens of thousands of troops. Join Hugh Hewitt’s premium content website at Hughniverse.com...

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David Davenport: Why Hasn’t International Law Stopped Chemical Weapons in Syria?

tax reform, Trump Doctorine, Trump, international law, rugged individualism, economic freedom

Where is international law when you need it? The Syrian government has again used chemical weapons on its own people, despite signing the international convention banning chemical weapons as well as a specific agreement to destroy them. So why is this still happening? It’s one thing for countries to sign...

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