Hugh Hewitt: Investing in Defense

Somewhat lost amidst the all the noise in our news cycle and our hyper-partisan political moment is a major development that we should not overlook:

The very significant investment in our military that has been needed for years. Both the House and the Senate have been moving aggressively to  pass the 2019 N.D.A.A.—the National Defense Authorization Act.

Amidst the details in this over-$700 billion bill are a fresh round of purchases of:

F-35 lightning fighters—our stealthy fighter jet
Blackhawk Helicopters, and a
Re-investment of in our severely-depleted naval fleet
I want to highlight that we’ll be seeing a green light given for the creation of not one but two new aircraft carriers.

We’ve still got more work to do to get where we need to be—but we’re moving in the right direction finally.

That is good news indeed.

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Albert Mohler: Abortion, Brett Kavanaugh and the Pause Button

A group of liberal Christians is calling for a “pause” in the culture wars. This “Call to Pause” is really a demand for evangelical surrender on the issue of abortion—and that’s not going to happen.

Interestingly, it was the left in American politics that politicized the judiciary—going around the legislative process to force vast moral change through the courts. They understand exactly what is at stake as we look at the nomination of a strict constructionist justice to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy.

The nomination of Supreme Court justices who are committed to the actual words and text of the Constitution is vital to the survival of America’s grand experiment in constitutional self-government. The protection of human life is an even higher mandate.

This is no time to hit the pause button.


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Michael Medved: Best Nominee is Blocked for the Worst Reason

One of President Trump’s best judicial nominees has been blocked by indignant Democrats because of columns he wrote while a Stanford student 25 years ago.

In one of these pieces, Ryan Bounds argued that ethnic identity groups promote campus divisions, and in another he demanded proof “beyond a reasonable doubt” before expelling young men accused of sexual assault.  Now these are arguable but mainstream teenage opinions have wrecked the hopes of a Yale Law graduate and a respected federal prosecutor.

If Republicans gain a few Senate seats in November, I hope President Trump will try again to win confirmation for the eminently deserving Ryan Bounds.

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Albert Mohler: The New York Times Returns to the Book of Leviticus

This past Sunday The New York Times—the most influential newspaper in the world and secular to its core—ran an opinion essay on Leviticus chapter 18.

No kidding! 

The title of the piece: “The Secret History of Leviticus.” In it, Idan Dershowitz argues that the prohibition of men having sex with men is all based on the fact that a later editor—or a “redactor”—changed the text of the Bible.

There’s really no question about the Bible’s teaching on these issues.

The whole thing is another example of how—even in this supposedly secular age—the conscience of Western civilization continues to be haunted and shaped by the Bible. It’s 2018. And the New York Times is running a piece on Leviticus 18.

That, in itself, is stunning.

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David Davenport: Is Democratic Socialism For Real in America?

One story from the 2018 primary elections is the win of candidates in Pennsylvania and New York running as democratic socialists.  In the wake of a 2016 poll showing that 43 percent of millennials view socialism favorably, this has led pundits to wonder whether democratic socialism is a viable movement in America.

In short, the answer is no. 

Young people are not interested in true socialism, which is the state owning the means of production and distribution.  

What millennials favor is a larger welfare state. In fact, when Bernie Sanders ran for president and Denmark became a hot topic, their prime minister felt the need to clarify that it was not a socialist country, but instead an extensive welfare state.

I don’t know which is more discouraging, that young people think they are in favor of socialism or the fact that they don’t know what socialism is. 

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Owen Strachan: Another Orwellian Bill from California

The best way to overhaul a culture is to change the way it thinks. Here’s one major way to change cultural thinking: stifle the free exchange of ideas.

This is what’s happening in California right now. Assembly Bill 2943 would make it an “unlawful business practice” to engage in “a transaction” aimed at promoting “sexual orientation change efforts with an individual.”

This pernicious bill is an attempt to silence those who want to help people with unwanted sexual feelings. Many religious and non-religious people agree that we flourish when we honor the basic design of our bodies for both sexual practice and personal identity. This bill is Orwellian: Silencing those who seek to provide help and wholeness to people who are reaching out.

California legislators ought to do what the people have elected them to do: protect free speech and enable people to live a free life.

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