Albert Mohler: The Supreme Court Says, “No

Billy Graham

Sometimes history is made in just one sentence. That was the case when the United States Supreme Court handed down a one-sentence statement saying that it will not hear the case concerning the big question of transgender rights, specifically the rights of transgender students in the public schools.

When the Supreme Court does take a case on this issue, one question will be the interpretation of a 1975 regulation that allows schools to provide “separate toilet, locker rooms and shower facilities on the basis of sex.”

Back in 1975 Congress had absolutely no question what it meant when it referred to biological sex. And furthermore, we need to admit that even right now across our culture virtually no one has a major question about the definition of biological sex.

The new reality is that gender identity and biological sex are actually two different things. That might well be the key question that the Supreme Court will eventually have to answer.

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Hugh Hewitt: Republicans Keep Their Promise

U.S. Senate

Republicans are keeping their promise to American voters. They have introduced the American Health Care Act.

There are three main components of the AHCA that you should know about:

• First, it repeals every single one of the taxes in Obamacare. The individual mandate and medical device tax are both eliminated.

• Second, it sends Medicaid spending back to the states, and also puts a cap on Medicaid spending.

• Finally, it introduces tax credits for lower and middle income Americans to help with the cost of health care.

There are some in Congress, especially in the Freedom Caucus, who have complaints about the American Health Care Act. They must remember that the perfect must not be an enemy of the good.

There is a lot at stake here. The AHCA isn’t the only part of making this country come back. Regulation reform and tax reform are essential as well as a larger, rebuilt defense. But this is the key foundation.

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Greg Thornbury: Erosion Of Free Speech on Campus

Greg Thornbury on WikiLeaks

When social scientist Charles Murray spoke recently at Middlebury College, a crowd of unruly and angry students roared in protest until he was forced to flee the stage. They were protesting a more than 20 year old book called the “Bell Curve” which included statistics on IQ and racial and ethnic groups.

Murray has thus been labeled a White Nationalist by progressivists, a characterization that in no way fits one of today’s leading sociologists.

Murray retreated to an offstage room with a college professor Allison Stanger for a video chat, Middlebury student agitators started pounding on the walls.

Next, when they tried to leave the building, they were met by a mob blocking their exit, some of whom were wearing ski masks. Professor Stanger was grabbed by the hair, sustaining injuries to her neck.

Up to this point, no one has been held accountable for the assault. Apparently, violence is now an acceptable form of protest on liberal college campuses.

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Greg Thornbury: A Dangerous Data Dump

Greg Thornbury on WikiLeaks

By now, news has spread to both the citizens and enemies of the United States from the WikiLeaks recent data dump on the covert monitoring practices of the CIA.

Nearly 9,000 pages of documents reveal how the agency can use smartphones, truck consoles, dashboards, and even Samsung TVs to listen in on conversations that might lead to the arrest or capture of terrorists or other criminals seeking to do harm in America.

When asked about the breach, political analyst Charles Krauthammer said something characteristically astute: if we’re spending so much time doing extreme vetting of visitors from, say, Yemen, why aren’t we doing extreme vetting of contractors who work for the NSA?

These contractors then (like Edward Snowden) turn around and provide access to Julian Assange to expose state secrets to everyone—which includes barbaric terrorists whose goal is to destroy the United States.

Maybe it’s time for America to start paying more attention to the threats from within.

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Lanhee Chen: Repeal Begins

Tax Reform

For almost seven years, Republicans have worked to repeal and replace Obamacare. Now, with the GOP in control of both house of Congress and the White House, the time has come for action.

This week, House leaders introduced legislation that will repeal some of the worst parts of Obamacare: its mandates, taxes and expansions of federal control—replacing it with reforms that will lower health costs and expand choices for consumers.

The House bill ensures that those with preexisting conditions who act responsibly will never be charged more for or denied coverage; it gives states greater freedom to cover the uninsured; and it expands access to health savings accounts, which put control in the hands of consumers, not bureaucrats.

Is it a perfect plan?  No.  But will improve our health care system?  Absolutely.

The fight over the Republican health reform is just getting started, but now is the time for conservatives to come together in support of this critical effort.  Congressional Republicans and President Trump deserve our help.

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Greg Thornbury: Nothing New Under The Sun

Greg Thornbury on WikiLeaks

When President Trump informed the media via Twitter that he would not be attending the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, he became the first Commander in Chief not to do so in 36 years. This followed on the heels of Mr. Trump saying that the media was the enemy of the American people.

But as the book of Ecclesiastes reminds us, there’s nothing new under the sun. Who was the last president to ditch the Correspondents’ Dinner? That would be Democrat Jimmy Carter, who did not go to the event twice in his four years in the White House.

Nixon excused himself from the festivities too … twice, and called the press the enemy.

The press thinks they are entitled to access to the POTUS. The President thinks that access should mean more favorable coverage.

But it would certainly help if both sides worked toward giving the American people what they deserve: more reliable and more balanced news.

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Owen Strachan: A Reasonable Step in the Right Direction

double standard, parental, generosity and respect. Vice President Pence

The decision of the Trump administration to overturn President Obama’s “transgender bathroom policy” and instead to correlate bathroom usage with one’s biological sex is not a victory for any political group. It is a victory for common sense. It is an affirmation of basic human sanity.

There are many celebrities speaking up about this decision—presenting the decision by the Trump White House as a violation of “transgender rights.” Though this rhetoric sounds fearsome, the decision is a reasonable step in the right direction.

We should offer compassionate help to people who experience gender dysphoria. We should not, however, change public laws or require schools to overhaul their restroom structure (as the Obama administration did). This, in point of fact, is compassionate. It protects little boys and girls from tremendous and damaging confusion that occurs when a child of the opposite-sex enters their bathroom. Children of different sexes should not share bathrooms, and they certainly should not have the federal government telling them they must do so.

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