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Dennis Prager and Wife of Former Big Leaguer Frank Pastore on “Picking Up My Shattered Pieces”

Former Cincinnati Reds pitcher Frank Pastore was a long-time member of the Salem family. In 2012, 55-year-old Frank Pastore was killed after his motorcycle was struck by a car on the freeway coming home from work. Dennis Prager invites Gina Pastore to share her story from her book, Picking Up My Shattered Pieces: Bouncing Back When Life Throws You a Curve Ball.

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Trump Shifts on Border Issue: Uses Executive Order to Keep Families Together

Townhall Review – June 23, 2018

Hugh Hewitt shares his reaction to the IG report saying the FBI has let us down. Michael Medved and Andrew McCarthy, former Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney, and long-time friend of James Comey, also discuss the report. Hugh Hewitt and Senator Tom Cotton talk about illegal immigration and the separation of children from their parents. Mike Gallagher and Rich Lowry of the National Review attempt to explain the illegal immigration family separation issue. Larry Elder put together a string of tough talk on immigration from both the Left and the Right that include President Clinton, Senator Harry Reid and President Obama. Dennis Prager and Gina Pastore discuss her book, Picking Up My Shattered PiecesMike Gallagher highlights why certain news stories are deemed “more worthy” of media attention.

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David Davenport: National Lessons from California Election Reform

This is David Davenport of the Hoover Institution for

California lives on the edge of change. A few years ago, the Golden State adopted two big changes to its elections:  Open primaries in which voters choose candidates from any party, and a top-two primary where the top two finishers qualify for the general election, regardless of party. The idea was to elect more moderate candidates.

The results are coming in and it isn’t working. The 2018 primaries shows that Republicans still want to vote for Republicans and Democrats for Democrats. People don’t cross party lines looking for an idealized moderate candidate.

Plus: The unintended consequence is often no real choice in a general election. In 2016, two liberal Democrats ran for the Senate and in many state legislative races, there are either two Democrats or two Republicans.  

Worse, candidates have gamed the system to face a weaker opponent later. 

Beware election reforms from California.

I’m David Davenport. 

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Hugh Hewitt: A Big Win for Religious Liberty

Early this month the Supreme Court released a decision on a case you’ve heard me talking about for years:

Jack Phillips and his business—the “Masterpiece Cakeshop.” Essentially, the government of Colorado here was forcing speech—forcing Jack to celebrate a message he, out of religious conviction, just could not celebrate.

It took 6 years, but the court ruled—7 to 2—in Jack’s favor. Many have tried to diminish the nature of this win, but we should be clear: It was an enormous win for religious liberty and any nuancing of the exact scope of the decision misses how big it would have been if the court ruled against Jack in Masterpiece Cakeshop.

It’s also a huge win for the group defending Jack Phillips, ADF, the Alliance Defending Freedom—a group we’re proud to have with us as a sponsor.

This is a key case, no means the last case.

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