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Jerry Bowyer: Gina Carano Finds Opportunity in Wake of Cancellation

UFC champion turned movie star Gina Carano was recently fired by Disney from the popular show, “The Mandalorian.” Why? Because she pointed out that one of the lessons of 1930s Germany is that when we start to hate our neighbors over political differences, we set ourselves on a path to escalating intolerance.

As if to prove the point, Disney wrote her popular character off the show. Sometimes people—yes, even conservatives—say things in social media which are beyond the pale. But, Carano’s words were not beyond the pale.

But … instead of wallowing in victimism, Carano is entering into a film-making venture with conservative commentator Ben Shapiro.

I don’t like cancel culture, but what I like even less is conservative victimology. Carano and Shapiro are doing the right thing, building new and maybe even better institutions than the ones that blackballed her.

Every cancellation, every delisting, every ban and shadow ban is yet another opportunity to build better alternatives.

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Albert Mohler: The Greatest Legislative Threat to Religious Liberty in Decades

Theo Hobson—a British liberal thinker—defines a moral revolution this way: “That which was repudiated must be celebrated. That which was celebrated must be repudiated. And those who will not celebrate must themselves be repudiated.”

Hobson’s words are very relevant in light of the Equality Act which was introduced last week by Democrats in the House of Representatives. As we watch the advance of the full array of LGBTQ-plus issues, sometimes the law is the last to change, not the first. Higher education and entertainment, of course, have come first—they changed first.

We’ve seen the Equality Act before, but this time it is introduced with a president who has declared his active support for the revolutionary legislation.

It represents the greatest threat to religious liberty in my decades of American public life.

If signed into law, it will be very, very difficult for any Christian college, or ministry or university to operate with Christian conviction.

It’s almost sure to pass by the democratic majority in the House.

Our only hope is that somehow this legislation can be stopped in the Senate.

If not, we’re in big trouble.

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Democrats’ $1.9 Trillion Spending Nightmare

Townhall Review for February 27, 2021

Hugh Hewitt talks with Texas Senator Ted Cruz about the Democrats $1.9 trillion dollar so-called relief package.

Bob Frantz and Jerry Bowyer talk about the COVID-19 relief package.

Hugh Hewitt talks with columnist Selena Zito about Joe Biden working to enact what he calls “common sense gun laws.”

Larry Elder talks about Jodi Shaw, a recent graduate and staffer at Smith College in Pine Grove MA about how being white caused her to resign.

Mike Gallagher talks about Naomi Wolf, liberal feminist author, who is speaking out against the alarmingly heavy-handed moved of the current administration.

Seth Leibsohn and David Harsanyi, of National Review, talk about the impact the pandemic restrictions have had on Americans.

Hugh Hewitt talks with Texas Senator Ted Cruz about the media fixation regarding his family trip to Cancun during the once-in-a-lifetime winter storm in Texas.

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Ed Morrissey: The Missed Opportunity of the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court put an end to the legal challenges to the 2020 election this week, closing out a painful chapter of modern American history. Their rush to consider all these cases moot might well be understandable given the fantastical nature of some of the challenges, but it was ill-advised in other cases dealing with separation of powers and election rules.

For too long, state officials and courts at all levels have interfered with statutes governing elections, overriding the constitutional role assigned to state legislatures to set and enforce the rules for each state. The Supreme Court punted on these issues before the election in Pennsylvania. And now they have done so yet again.

As Clarence Thomas warned in his dissent, this only guarantees these issues will come up again. The next time the impact might force the courts to decide the winner. That would be a disaster for the confidence of Americans in the electoral process.

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Jerry Bowyer: Inflation Fears on the Horizon

Investors, the business press and just ordinary citizens concerned about their 401(k) accounts are beginning to get worried about inflation. For most of my career, I’ve been talking conservative leaders down from dire predictions of imminent inflation. But now, I think that inflation is a very real short and mid-term risk.

Last year the Trump administration borrowed $3.3 trillion—yes, with “t”—to fund Covid relief and various stimuli. At the end of the year, almost another trillion was agreed to, and now the new president is proposing an additional almost $2 trillion.

So far, almost all of this new spending has been financed out of the central bank’s creation of new monetary base. In other words, we “printed” the money we spent.

Inflation is too much money chasing too few goods. The fed is giving us too much money and the low-growth Biden economy will provide too few goods.

Americans ought to be concerned.

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