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Albert Mohler: Notre Dame Burns

It happened right before our eyes, the destruction of one of the most important architectural achievements of western civilization: The burning of Notre Dame Cathedral, that historic church right in the center of Paris.

What burned was not just a tremendous loss to architecture, it was a tremendous loss to western civilization, and it points to an even greater loss: A spiritual loss that came before the architectural loss.

The fact that the national symbol was also a cathedral was itself a reminder that you can’t tell the story of western civilization, you can’t even tell the story of the Reformation or the modern age without talking about the age of the cathedrals.

The architecture of Notre Dame cries out: Christianity is at the center of our civilization.

Perhaps the saddest moment for Parisians came with the fall of the iconic spire at the center of the cathedral—a spire pointing to the heavens, with a cross at the very top pointing to God and the reigning Jesus Christ.

Notre Dame Cathedral, before and after the fire, remains now a symbol of Europe’s loss of faith.

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Dan Proft: It All Fits

“It fits.”

Those were the words Tiger Woods uttered upon donning his 5th green jacket after his improbable and electrifying Masters victory.

President Trump subsequently notified Tiger that he’d be adding a Presidential Medal of Freedom to his trophy case.

That fits too.

Even the casual observer knows that his career has been marked by epic highs and tragic lows.

That’s what made Sunday’s victory all the more incredible.

It was the culmination of an ethereal professional career from a man whose impact on the game of golf is immeasurable, but a few numbers provide a glimpse:

10 years after Tiger turned pro, the number of golfers in the United States had increased by 25 percent.

20 years into Tiger’s career, the average total tournament purse had increased 352 percent and the average first place check by 378 percent.

The indelible images of Tiger’s first and perhaps last Masters wins—from hugging his dad to hugging his kids—are indications of how much Tiger has changed too.

It all fits.

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Hugh Hewitt and Evan Thomas Discuss the Inspiring Life of Sandra Day O’Connor

Hugh Hewitt invites Evan Thomas, “Newsweek” editor-at-large to discuss the inspiring life of Sandra Day O’Connor, all of which is detailed in his New York Times best-selling just-released book, First: Sandra Day O’ConnorO’Connor, as the name of the book implies, was the first woman Supreme Court Justice. She was appointed by President Ronald Reagan in 1981 and served until 2006.

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Lanhee Chen: Medicare-For-All Myths

This is Lanhee Chen of the Hoover Institution for townhall.com.

Bernie Sanders and his lefty friends are at it again. He’s reintroduced legislation to create a socialist-style takeover of our health care called Medicare-for-all.

Make no mistake: It would do just as much damage to our health care as would previous efforts to install a single-payer system.  Here are the facts:

• First, Medicare-for-all would cost tens of trillions of dollars on top of what the federal government already spends on health care. Even much higher taxes on every American worker wouldn’t pay for the socialist-style system that Sanders envisions.

• Second, Medicare-for-all would mean that many Americans would have to give up the health insurance coverage they currently have.  Like your plan today? Get ready to say goodbye to it.

• Finally, Medicare-for-all could compromise the existing care that our seniors on Medicare already receive by making it harder to gain access to the doctors and hospitals they trust.

Sanders and his allies have a way of making the awful sound great.

Don’t get fooled.

I’m Lanhee Chen.

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04/15/19 Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson Post-Game


Hugh and Duane give you the inside baseball for why today’s post-game show is so short – it’s because Hugh wanted to get home to watch Game of Thrones.

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