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Hugh Hewitt: The Triumph of Operation Warp Speed

Operation Warp Speed—the Trump Administration’s aggressive program pushing for a vaccine for COVID-19—is on the cusp of success.

We know the vaccines work—and without serious side effects.

Now: Everyone’s got to get it. We need 70-80 percent of America vaccinated to have herd immunity in the country.

Operation Warp Speed is a triumph of science and logistics without parallel. It may be the greatest achievement of the Trump administration.

President Trump gets credit for the Abraham Accords, which have changed the face of the Middle East. He gets credit for the American awakening to the threat from the Chinese Communist Party. He gets credit for three Supreme Court justices and 54 appeals court judges. He gets credit for the greatest economic recovery in history and he gets credit for massive deregulation.

But Operation Warp Speed is probably Trump’s greatest achievement.

It’s reasonable to hope and believe that by March we’ll be at herd immunity in the United States.

It’s great news for a pandemic-weary nation and world.

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Jerry Bowyer: Will Biden Jeopardize Hard-Won Progress in Middle East?

According to a new report, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu secretly met with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. The significance of this is hard to overstate: it may very well lead to the normalization of relations between Israel and the Saudis—the next phase of the Abraham Accords.

The meeting was brokered by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, one of the leaders of the Middle East peace process—and was only possible due to the Administration’s openness to Israel and firm stance towards Iran.

After the undeniable success of the Trump-Pence-Pompeo Middle East strategy, Biden has picked Jake Sullivan as his National Security Advisor—a leader in appeasing Iran in the Obama administration. It’s a clear signal that Biden intends to return to the failed foreign policy of the Obama years.

The Middle East is an absolutely vital region. It would be dangerous for the Biden administration to turn back.

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Lanhee Chen: Two Seats in Georgia

It’s easy to dismiss the upcoming Senate elections in Georgia as just another vote to decide two more seats in Congress—and that, ultimately, it may not be all that consequential. I’m sure some of our fellow Americans—and more than a few Georgians—wonder what the point of voting is at all, especially given the outcome of the recent presidential elections.

But I’d urge those Georgians with doubts or who wonder if their vote matters to recognize that the upcoming elections in their state do, indeed, matter. A lot.

An unconstrained left means a move toward socialized medicine, the Green New Deal, and much higher taxes for many Americans. The only way that can be stopped is if Georgia voters cast their ballots—either by mail or in person—in the upcoming runoff elections for the US Senate. Your voices will matter, and your votes will be consequential.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make a real difference for all Americans.

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Insane Stunt Polling: Hugh Hewitt with Steve Kornacki

Hugh Hewitt talks with Steve Kornacki, National Political Correspondent for NBC News and MSNBC, about the stunt polling that should be called out by news organizations. They also talk about the runoff Senate race in Georgia.

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