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Police Show Up Big in Berkeley

After Coulter was forced to cancel (Fox News).  From Charles Krauthammer: “If you can’t have the government guaranteeing the safety of speakers then we have lost one of the fundamental uniting elements of our society” (Fox News). A detailed look at the cause behind the attack on free speech on campus (Newseum Institute). ABC News doesn’t quite get it as they explained “Conservatives are worried that right-wing speakers aren’t given equal treatment as liberal campus presenters and some students have complained about free expression fanning racial tensions” (ABC News).  From Todd Starnes: The birthplace of the so-called free speech movement is now the epicenter of a nefarious movement to silence freedom-loving young people (Townhall). From Dr. Everett Piper:  I am writing to implore Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks — and all other leaders of America’s educational community — to remember our industry’s rich history of the liberal arts. I am writing to plead with my colleagues to stand firm for the academy’s millennia-old commitment to freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of inquiry, and freedom of thought. I am writing on behalf of liberty. I am writing because I believe in classical liberalism. I am writing because I believe in human freedom. I am writing because I believe in truth (Christian Post). From Rich Lowry: …the budding fascism that progressives feared in the Trump years is upon us, although not in the form they expected. It is represented by the black-clad shock troops of the “antifa” movement who are violent and intolerant, and easily could be mistaken for the street fighters of the extreme Right in 1930s Europe. That they call themselves anti-fascist speaks to a colossal lack of self-awareness (National Review). Mike Adams explains how his “hate speech” is making North Carolina safer (Townhall). A look at the history of free speech (Townhall).

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Michael Medved: Democrats Repeat The Same Bad Mistakes


Amid all the evaluations of the first hundred days of President Trump, what about considering the first hundred days of Democrats as the party of opposition?

So far, they’ve shown a destructive tendency to repeat the same mistakes that cost them the election in November.

• First, they focus exclusively on attacking the president while counting on scandal to destroy their opponents.

• Second, Democrats continue to rely on identity politics: trying to rally minorities, women and gays with a sense of victimhood, while demonizing white males. But identity politics doesn’t work: in November, Trump got slightly more votes than Romney among blacks and Latinos, while Clinton failed among her fellow white women—losing that group to Trump by 9 points.

The practice of running strictly negative campaigns and dividing voters into warring demographic groups will lead Democrats to more defeats in the years ahead.

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THR 4/29/17: Trump’s First 100 Days Are an “Executive Success”

White House, Obamacare, shooting, Paris Climate Agreement

Hugh Hewitt converses with WaPo’s White House Bureau Chief Philip Rucker about Trump’s first 100 days as president. The Washington Examiner’s Byron York explains why he calls Trump’s first 100 days “an executive success” on the Mike Gallagher Show. Larry Elder looks at what could have been if Hillary Clinton had become president. Michael Medved reports on a day of bizarre protest at the March for Science on Earth Day.  Dennis Prager provides us with the entertainment of what scientists were saying at the first Earth Day 50 years ago. Michael Medved looks at a negative study about millennials. Hugh Hewitt interviews Johnathan Allen and Amie Parnes, authors of their new best-selling book “Shattered.” Dennis Prager deconstructs a deceptive poll regarding Trump’s popularity.

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ESPN Veers Left as the Network Sinks


Announcing the layoffs of 100 (USA Today).  Another story notes “ESPN going left wing was like giving a drowning person a big rock to hold and thinking it would keep them from drowning. Instead, it just made them sink even faster. That’s why ratings are down 16% this year compared to last year and viewers are abandoning the network in droves. Middle America wants to pop a beer and listen to sports talk, they don’t want to be lectured about why Caitlyn Jenner is a hero, Michael Sam is the new Jackie Robinson of sports, and Colin Kaepernick is the Rosa Parks of football. ESPN made the mistake of trying to make liberal social media losers happy and as a result lost millions of viewers” (Washington Examiner).

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David Davenport: There Is A Trump Doctrine: America First


For journalists and academics searching to find a Trump Doctrine in foreign policy, it’s right in front of you. It’s called: America First.

And what it means is putting America’s national interest in the center of our foreign policy decision-making. It’s not the George W. Bush exporting democracy philosophy, it’s not the Barack Obama “lead from behind” approach. Instead, it’s a realist’s foreign policy: simply pursue America’s interests in each situation.

Stopping the use of chemical weapons in Syria; renouncing trade agreements such as the Trans Pacific Partnership; restricting immigration from certain countries—these are all thought by Trump to be in America’s national interest.

You may agree with him or not on how he defines our national interest. But, in the face of terrorism and threats from small unstable states and non-state actors, it strikes me as suitable to respond rather than philosophize.

America First. That’s the Trump Doctrine.

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Michael Medved: France and the Collapse of the Left


French voters won’t pick a new president until May 7th, but the first round of balloting highlights an important international trend, the dramatic decline of the left:

•    The candidate of the ruling Socialists finished a pathetic fifth in France, not coming close to the run-off.

•    In the most powerful South American countries, Brazil and Argentina, leftists are out of office and face criminal prosecution, while the Socialist government in Venezuela teeters on the edge of collapse.

•    In Germany, India, Israel, the Netherlands and many other nations, the left is divided and defeated, while U.S. Democrats have lost the Senate, House and presidency, holding power in barely a third of state governments.

Yes, populist rabble-rousers and independent centrists show energy around the world, but the more striking current development is the establishment left losing power and influence.

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David Davenport: Trump’s First Hundred Days: Doing What He Promised


Since Franklin Roosevelt, presidents have been evaluated at the end of a hundred days.  Donald Trump drafted his own report card in a campaign speech last fall, saying what he would do in his first hundred days.

And here’s the surprising thing:  he’s doing what he said.

•    Appoint judges who would uphold the Constitution.  Neil Gorsuch. Check.
•    Construct a wall and limit illegal immigration.  No wall yet, but plenty of restrictions.
•    Reassess trade agreements—withdrew from the TPP, check.
•    Repeal Obamacare—no check, but working on it.
•    Impose term limits on Congress—no.
•    Remove restrictions on energy—yes.
•    Eliminate gun-free zones—not yet.
•    For every new regulation, eliminate two old ones.  Check, by executive order.
•    Instruct the Joint Chiefs to develop plans to protect America.  Check.
•    Label China a currency manipulator—maybe, but doubtful.

After 100 days, he’s batting .500 or more, which is better than my teams are doing.

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