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Michael Medved on the Anti-Trump Grammy Awards

The recent Grammy Awards took a noticeable anti-Trump stance. Michael Medved plays clips from the awards show. Join Michael Medved’s premium content website at MedvedMedhead.com.

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David Davenport: The Trump Flurry

Not since the days of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal, under the pressures of the Great Depression, have we seen an opening presidential act like Donald Trump’s. We have sent special forces to Yemen, left the Trans Pacific Trade Agreement, reopened major pipeline projects, nominated a Supreme Court justice, and changed the rules of immigration. At least one of his executive orders on travel is likely on its way to the Supreme Court.

We’ve seen strange scenes—Democrats holding a Senate sleepover to oppose a cabinet nominee, followed by the Vice President showing up to break a tie vote. We have praised old enemies and insulted allies.


How do we account for this presidential flurry of activity?  Some think Trump likes to create distractions, overwhelming the media and the government.  Perhaps it’s his businessman’s inclination to tackle several things at once.

But clearly both the media and the government will need to adjust to a new pace and a new style.  If people wanted change in Washington, they are certainly getting it.

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Brigitte Gabriel Defends Trump’s Immigration “Pause”

The media and the leftwing have skewered President Trump’s decision to ban refugees from countries with significant terrorism problems from entering the U.S., but author and terrorism expert Brigitte Gabriel believes that it is essential for defending the homeland. She explains why on the Mike Gallagher Show. Learn more about Gabriel’s book, “They Must Be Stopped” and visit Gallagher’s premium content website at MikeOnlineGold.com.

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Pro-Trump Dress at Grammys Sends Joy Villa Music Sales Skyward

From the story:  The 25-year-old’s EP “I Make the Static” jumped to the top of Amazon’s top digital paid albums and reached number seven on the iTunes top album chart after her red carpet appearance (Fox News).  Before the show, the producer encouraged political statements, but the assumption was that they’d all be liberal. One almost expected them to give Meryl Streep an honorary Grammy (Page Six).  A look at some of the night’s politics (Fox News, CBS News, Washington Examiner , Washington Examiner).  Streep, meanwhile, was admiring herself and her gutsy decision to come out against Trump in front of a large crowd of Trump haters (NY Times).  You want to see guts? It came from Joy Villa and her “Make America Great Again” dress to the Grammys (Washington Examiner).  More on Villa (Page Six). Reaction (PJ Media).

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DeVos Blocked from Entering DC School

Proof once again that the left is using thug tactics to bully those with whom they disagree.  The story notes one of those who blocked her had a Black Lives Matter sign.  So they don’t just harass and turn away those who are there to speak, but also those who are there to listen.  The thugs trailed her and shouted at her as she left. The media spend so much time bashing Trump and all  he appoints.  When will they turn on those who are a physical threat to society?

The Hill

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9th Circuit Refuses to Reinstate Immigration Order

To which Trump Tweeted:  “SEE YOU IN COURT, THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE!” (Fox News).  David French explains why he believes “The Ninth Circuit’s decision was bad enough that Trump now has to win, and the best way to win is to do things right, not to charge headlong into the legal cannonade” (National Review).  The court used campaign statements to block the policy (Washington Post).  From the Wall Street Journal: …while we opposed Mr. Trump’s order on policy grounds, there is reason to worry now about judicial overreach (WSJ).

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THR 2/11/17: The Left-wing Temper Tantrum at U.C. Berkeley

Opioids Tariffs

Michael Medved provides a play by play of Democrats going crazy over Betsy DeVos’ confirmation vote for secretary of Education. Dennis Prager takes a closer look at President Trump’s comments linking Russia’s Putin with America’s killers. Arthur Herman of the Hudson Institute discusses with Dennis Prager the left’s obsession with protesting and destroying property when a conservative voice is invited to Berkeley university. Michael Medved covers an NYU professor who went absolutely berserk on the NYPD. Sam Malone, sitting in for Mike Gallagher, speaks with the Heritage Foundation’s John Malcolm about President Trump’s choice for the Supreme Court. Hugh Hewitt talks with Senator Ron Johnson about the process of repealing Obamacare. Bob Frantz, sitting in for Larry Elder, asks Colorado State Representative Dave Williams how his legislation could end sanctuary cities.

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