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Michael Medved: Misleading Headline Displays Bias

A front-page headline in The New York Times distorted a bold new initiative of the Trump administration and displayed that paper’s long-standing grudge.

Beneath a dramatic photo of a suspect being led away in handcuffs, the headline proclaimed: TRUMP TARGETS FEDERAL WORKERS IN ORDERS CURBING PROTECTIONS. First of all, the photo had nothing to do with persecution of federal workers: it showed movie mogul Harvey Weinstein at his recent arrest. Second, the story didn’t describe “targeting” of government workers: it focused instead on admirable efforts to make it easier to cut unnecessary federal jobs and to terminate incompetent workers.

Recognizing the obvious bias in their original headline, the Times itself changed it in later editions to the far more accurate: TRUMP MOVES TO EASE THE FIRING OF FEDERAL WORKERS.

It was a revealing episode in media bias.

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Hugh Hewitt: It’s the Judges

Someday, conservative critics of President Trump will have to reconcile their vehement opposition to him with their love of the Constitution. The latter is most definitely benefiting from the president’s massive impact on the federal bench.

The Supreme Court, though by far the most important court, still reviews only 80 or so appeals court decisions per year, compared to the tens of thousands of case participations completed by the Federal Appeals Court judges.

The president and the GOP-controlled Senate have already put one-eighth of the federal appeals bench in their seats. Each of those new appointees— all principled “originalists” in the mold of the late Justice Scalia—will have more than 400 participations in 2018 alone. Critics from the #NeverTrump crowd need to balance their criticism with this remarkable record of repair of the bench.

Looking forward, I’ll bend that famous Carville phrase a bit: “It’s the judges, brilliant people.”

It’s the judges.

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Masterpiece Cakeshop Owner Talks Victory at Supreme Court

Townhall Review — June 09, 2018 

Hugh Hewitt and Michael Medved speak with Jack Phillips, owner of The Masterpiece Cake Shop, and ADF lead council, Kristin Waggoner, to recount their six-year battle against the Colorado Civil Rights Commission and the Supreme Court’s groundbreaking ruling in favor of religious liberty. Michael Medved discusses the “Me Too” Movement’s next target, Bill Clinton. 98.9 FM The Answer’s Chuck Douglas speaks with Vice President Mike Pence for an insider view into what it’s like to be President Trump’s #2. Dennis Prager discusses the modern evangelicals’ unsettling exodus from the primary shaping force of Christianity, the Bible. Hugh Hewitt presses US Attorney General Jeff Sessions to explain the policy for separating immigrant children from their parents after they cross the border illegally. Mike Gallagher discusses the Democrats’ opposition to the President’s “right to try” law which grants terminally ill patients access to experimental treatments that have not yet been cleared by the FDA.

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Michael Medved: An American Victim of Terrorism

Fifty years ago, supporters of Robert Kennedy’s presidential campaign gathered for a victory party after a hard-fought California primary. For those of us who were there at LA’s Ambassador Hotel that fatal night, it became one of the most searing experiences of our lives. In retrospect, it’s surprising that media paid so little attention to the Palestinian identity and terrorist intentions of RFK’s killer—Sirhan Sirhan. Contemporary press accounts often labeled him as Jordanian, not Palestinian, since he had emigrated with his family from Jordanian-occupied Jerusalem in 1956.

He never lived in Palestine since a separate nation of that name never existed. His violence against Kennedy may have been irrational, but its motive is no mystery: an obsessive hatred of the Jewish state and its American supporters.

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Medved with Jack Phillips and ADF’s Wagoner on Masterpiece SCOTUS ruling.

Michael Medved talks with the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, who refused to bake a cake for a gay couple and was sued for it. His case was represented all the way to the Supreme Court by the brave lawyers of Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). Kristen Wagoner from ADF joins the discussion.

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Albert Mohler: A Big Day for Religious Liberty

Dr. Mohler comments on the Supreme Court ruling in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case, in which a baker was sued for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple.

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