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Hewitt: Rubio Touched A Nerve 4-23-15

Last week Hillary Clinton declared for president and that part of the country that didn’t snicker at her van follies shrugged its shoulders and said, “So what else is new?”

The next day, Florida Senator Marco Rubio announced his candidacy and it was like the Fourth of July in April.

Of course Rubio is young, handsome, passionate, a Cuban-America with rhetorical gifts and charisma to spare, and Hillary is a Beltway fixture of nearly 30 years who is none of the things Rubio is.

But there was more to Rubio’s launch his contrast to Clinton: The backdrop to Rubio’s announcement was a deepening worry about America’s role in the world, and a growing concern that American leadership had been lost forever by six years of President Obama’s feckless leadership.

Simply put: Rubio touched a nerve.

It should tell us a lot about the state of the country in 2015, and what any successful candidate in 2016 needs to do to win: Believe in American exceptionalism.

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Rubio Running 4-18-15

Dennis Prager on Hillary Announcement. Michael Medved on Hillary announcing. Hugh Hewitt with Carly Fiorina on Hillary running. Bill Bennett with Steve Hayes on Rubio running. Hugh Hewitt with presidential candidate, Marco Rubio. Bill Bennett and Pete Wehner on social issues. Prager on Iran. Hewitt with John Bolton on Iran as it relates to Obama and Hillary. Prager on the Pope’s climate change agenda.

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GOP Led Congress to Approve Keystone Bill

Which congressman Kevin Cramer believes “will contribute thousands of jobs to the national economy and further our push toward national energy security” (Fox News).  Next up:  Obama’s Climate Change Rules (AP).  And then there’s this:  House Republicans will hold a vote this week to change Obamacare’s definition of full-time work from 30 hours a week to the traditional 40, setting up an early test to see how many Democrats are willing to buck President Obama and his signature overhaul now that they are in the minority (Washington Times).  From the Wall Street Journal:  …if they’re smart and even-keeled, Republicans can build on the fillip of public goodwill they’ve gained since the election and show they deserve to be a governing majority (WSJ).

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Cuba May Not Follow Through with Alleged Promise to Obama

From the story, regarding the prisoners Cuba is to release:  Bottom line: The U.S. government cannot confirm that they have been released and is not certain they’re going to be released, even though the three Cuban spies have already been returned (WSJ)

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