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Fiorina Leads Net Favorable

Carson and Kasich not far behind. Trump is in the back half (Gallup). Michael Barone looks at Trump’s immigration plan (Townhall). Charles Krauthammer said of his deportation plan “This would all be merely ridiculous if it weren’t morally obscene” (NRO).

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Planned Parenthood Fights Back

Going after Senators who dared to try to stop them from getting taxpayer dollars (Life News). Assisting Planned Parenthood as best they can, a Reuters story with the headline “Americans back federal funds to Planned Parenthood for health services” actually states “Americans broadly support providing federal funding for free women’s health exams, screenings and contraception services, a Reuters/Ipsos poll has found.” To further point out their bias, the story references “videos purporting to show Planned Parenthood officials negotiating prices for aborted fetal tissue.” Fetal tissue? The Planned Parenthood officials called them arms, legs, livers, hearts, etc. The story doesn’t dare tell us the actual wording of the poll (Reuters). The media has all but ignored the big story (CNS News).

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Trump Teases with Independent Talk

According to the story, “A senior Trump adviser told ABC News Monday morning that Trump was seriously considering promising not to run as an independent if he does not win the Republican nomination” (ABC News).   Meanwhile, Fred Barnes summed up the Trump mess:  Republicans have been slow in recognizing the real damage Donald Trump is doing to their party.  The harm is not to the party’s image.  What Trump has done is exacerbate the increasingly bitter rift between the party’s leaders and its grass roots.  He’s made the GOP’s future dicey. Later: Obama united Republicans early on. But the failure to derail his initiatives now divides them, mostly on tactics and strategy.  Trump divides Republicans all the more. He’s a one-man wedge issue (Weekly Standard).

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DNC Chair Wasserman-Schultz Can’t Explain the Difference Between Socialists and Democrats

Maybe she can’t explain the difference because there isn’t one! Just look at the Democratic Socialists of Europe. Watch the video, then listen to Prager’s analysis. Join Dennis Prager’s premium content website at Pragertopia.com.

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Carly Fiorina’s Full-Range Interview with Bill Bennett

Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina went on Bill Bennett’s Morning in America to talk about a range of issues, including: Obama’s view of America, the Iran nuke deal, China and Russia, Planned Parenthood, the EPA, and more. Join Bill Bennett’s premium content website at BennettRoundTable.com.

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