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Media Paints Bathroom Battles as Abuse of Transgender

You see a lot of the bias in this opening statement from CBS News:  This week, North Carolina introduced and passed a law striking down all anti-discrimination measures for LGBT people, and banning towns any anti-discrimination measures in the future. It also restricts bathroom use for transgender people.  Suspiciously missing from that opening paragraph is any mention of the issue on most people’s minds:  A man shouldn’t be allowed into a girls’ restroom or locker room.


CBS News

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Trump Tweets Threat to Cruz’s Wife

He tweeted “Wow @SenTedCruz, that is some low level ad you did using a picture of Melania in a G Q. shoot. Be careful or I will spill the beans on your wife” (Mediaite).  Cruz and the superpac that did the actual ad responded (Politico).  From Mona Charen:  Donald Trump is not emotionally healthy. No normal man sits up late at night tweeting dozens of insults about Megyn Kelly, or skips a key debate because he’s nursing a grudge against her for asking perfectly ordinary questions, or continues to obsess about her weeks and months after the fact.  Later:  Trump seems to suffer from narcissistic personality disorder, an insecurity so consuming and crippling that he has devoted his life to self-aggrandizement. This is far beyond the puffery that most salesmen indulge to some degree. It strays well into the bizarre. Asked whom he consults on foreign policy Trump said, “I’m speaking with myself, number one, because I have a very good brain and I’ve said a lot of things.” What grown man says things like that and continues to be taken seriously? How can he be leading the race for the Republican nomination? (Townhall).

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John Fund: Trump Doesn’t Get the Nomination Without Majority of Delegates

He notes “The Republican party has held 39 national conventions since its first in 1856. At each and every one, a majority of delegates was needed for someone to get the nomination. Abraham Lincoln won on the third ballot in 1860, even though rival William Seward captured a plurality, 41.5 percent, of the delegates on the first ballot.”  On the Trump riot threats: “The message to GOP delegates: Do as Trump says or it would be a shame if something happened to this nice party of yours. No self-respecting party can cave into such demands” (NRO).  The RNC is preparing for an open convention (ABC News).  A look at who are the delegates (CBS News).

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Debate: Hillary Refuses to Answer Question About Emails

From the story:  Hillary Clinton refused to entertain a question tonight about her email scandal and whether she would drop out of the race if she’s indicted.  ‘Oh for goodness – that is not going to happen. I am not going to even answer that question,’ she angrily told Univision’s Jorge Ramos during tonight’s Democratic debate (Daily Mail).   More (Gateway Pundit).  Takeaways (USA Today, ABC News).  Tonight, the Republicans take the stage once again (CNN).

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Debate Turns Ugly Early, Often

In one of many bizarre moments, Donald Trump didn’t deny, legal or not, military leaders would be instructed to kill terrorist family members and “They won’t refuse. They’re not gonna refuse me. Believe me” (Mediaite).  Rubio and Cruz went after Trump (USA Today).  Trump changed his tune on many issues, belittled his opposition (CBS News).  Early in the debate, Trump used the size of his hands to make a useless, unpresidential, insecure and inappropriate point (National Review). Takeaways (USA Today, ABC News, CNN). More on Trump University (Washington Post).  Related fact check (CBS News).  More on his immigration policy changes (National Review).  Debate audio (SONNetwork).  From Jonathan Last:  Cruz was clearly the class of the field and it’s clear that no one should count him out as the delegate race moves into its next phase (Weekly Standard).  As for Trump’s promise to get along with other countries, Fox News notes “Lawmakers in Mexico City have unanimously passed a proposal to press the federal government to ban Republican front runner Donald Trump from entering the country” (Fox News).  Peter Beinart believes a Trump nomination will lead to violence (The Atlantic).

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Can Trump Be Stopped?

A look at the effort to stop him (Washington Post).  From Marco Rubio:  … what you’re not going to have here, which you traditionally see in these elections, is everyone coming out and saying you have to rally around the frontrunner now for the good of the party. You see the opposite happening. People are trying to figure out how to rally around and come together to stop the frontrunner, because there’s a real sense that we can’t have him as our nominee (Hugh Hewitt).  Michael Medved is among those against a brokered convention (MSNBC).  The Miami Herald is throwing their weight behind Marco Rubio (Miami Herald).  Some aren’t happy to see Trump on the docket to speak at CPAC Saturday (Politico).  Ted Cruz says he would have dropped out if he lost Texas.  He wants Rubio to drop out if he loses Florida (CNN).  Rubio’s difficult road ahead (Hot Air).  Some are calling for a third party candidate (NY Times).  They aren’t impressed with Trump over seas (CBS News).  Romney has been blistering Trump (Townhall) so Trump has mounted an anti-Romney campaign (Facebook).

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