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Rubio and Cruz Target Trump, Trump Goes After Hewitt

Trump’s rude attack of Hewitt seemed to come out of nowhere (Townhall) especially considering how many times Trump has been on Hugh’s show. Trump proved to be remarkably immature across the board (Fox News).  Rubio had his opposition research ready for Trump (The Hill).  After the debate Ted Cruz said “Marco is not my enemy, Marco and I are friends. Marco and I would both make a much better candidate and a much better president than would Donald” (The Hill).  Guy Benson gives Rubio the win (Townhall) as did Frank Luntz (Youtube).  But will it matter? (Weekly Standard).  Takeaways (USA Today, ABC News).  Camp Rubio is talking about a brokered convention (CNN).  Trump did not do well in the fact check (CNN).  Kimberly Strassel points out “The Nevada entrance polls show the billionaire won voters who are angry with the federal government, who want an “outsider” in the office and who want “change.” They don’t care about policies. They want someone to “stick it to the man.”  And therein lies Mr. Trump’s vulnerability. Because, you see, Donald Trump is the man. An outsider to the elite society that Washington inhabits? An avenging angel of a faltering working class? Laugh. Out. Loud. This is the man who was born to a silver spoon, who self-selected a life strictly in the company of the rich and powerful, and who built a fortune by using his connections and sticking it to the little guy” (WSJ).  Lots and lots of audio (SONNetwork).

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Cruz: Trump Uses Lawsuits “to Intimidate People”

Cruz made the statement when on with Hugh Hewitt Tuesday (The Hill).  The transcript (Hugh Hewitt).  South Carolina governor Nikki Haley said Trump represents “everything a governor doesn’t want in a president” (CBS News).  Trump quoted a liberal blogger who dislikes Cruz and attributed the quote to Republican Senator Tom Coburn (Time).  Trump tops the list of candidates who scare Americans (USA Today).  Newt Gingrich blistered Trump over his name calling (Fox News).  Dr. James Dobson is supporting Cruz and vigorously opposing Trump (The Pulse).  The National Organization for Marriage is also coming out against Trump (Redstate).  More on Trump’s clueless Iraq War and 9/11 comments (NY Post).

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Trump Retweets Neo-Nazi

A user with the account name “WhiteGenocideTM” (The Hill).  And this isn’t the first time (Politico).  It has since been deleted from his Twitter feed (Twitter).  From Russell Moore:  The greatest generation chose leaders who routed the Nazis. This generation chooses leaders who retweet Nazis. That’s not progress (Facebook).  More on the problem that is Trump (Washington Post).  Trump said “Common Core, we are gonna keep” then backed off in a tweet (Red State).  Cruz is going after Trump in his fundraising emails (The Pulse).  They are going after each other in their television ads (Breitbart). Why Cruz could be in great shape (Washington Post). Meanwhile, Kasich remains a moderate (Fox News) and even seemed to declare himself in the middle of Clinton and Sanders (The Week).  Trey Gowdy is working to get Rubio back on top (Breitbart).  Now there’s talk Rubio could benefit from a brokered convention (Townhall).

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Trump Visits New Hampshire, Steps Up Use of Expletives

Don’t take your child to a Trump rally (CBS News).   From Charles Krauthammer:  … he’s not conservative. Trump’s winning the nomination would convulse the Republican party, fracture the conservative movement and undermine the GOP’s identity and role as the country’s conservative party. Later:   We can now read the Iowa results as they affect the Republican future. Trumpian populism got 24 percent, conservatism (Rubio plus Cruz) got 51 percent. There will be a spirited contest between the two conservatives over who has the better chance of winning the general election and of governing effectively. But whatever the piques and preferences of various “establishment” party leaders, there’s no denying that either Rubio or Cruz would retain the GOP’s fundamental ideological identity. Trump would not. Getting thumped in Iowa does not mean that Trump is done. He’s on favorable ground in New Hampshire and leads in practically every other state. But he’s in for a long fight. What Iowa confirms is that whatever beating the “establishment” takes during this campaign, Republicans are choosing conservatism over Trumpian populism by 2 to 1. Which means their chances of survival as the party of Reagan are very good (NRO).  A look at how Trump helped push Obamacare (Washington Post).  But these days, Trump is blaming Cruz (AP).  Trump told Hugh Hewitt “…it’s imperative we have to terminate Obamacare. We have to repeal it, and we have to replace it with something so good, and there’s so many options that we have. You know, we’ll do a great job” (Hugh Hewitt).  And Cruz is using Carter’s words against Trump (Breitbart).

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THR 2/6/16: What in the World Happened in Iowa?

Opioids Tariffs

What in the world happened in Iowa and why were all the pollsters wrong? Washington Examiner columnist Byron York, the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza and Robert Costa all weigh in. Mike Gallagher spoke with Speaker Newt Gingrich about the appeal of Bernie Sanders. Bernie is crushing Hillary in a very telling poll–Michael Medved provides the details. “One should not call leftists, liberals,” says Dennis Prager. He explains why. Senator Tom Cotton spoke with Bill Bennett about prison reform. Prager adds some additional thoughts as to why polling is more difficult than ever.


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