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Repeal and Replace No Simple Task

Pence explains the time table (Fox News).  Hugh Hewitt spoke with House Leader Kevin McCarthy (Hugh Hewitt).  Paul Ryan explained why repeal and replace has three steps (Conservative Treehouse).  Tom Cotton wasn’t happy to see the vote come before a budget estimate (Washington Post).  From Kimberly Strassel:  The reaction recalled the conservative politics of the Obama era. For much of the past eight years, these groups lived to kill things. They did it in all-or-nothing style. Give us everything we want, or we will shut down the government. Vote for a bill that is 90% good—10% bad—and we’ll see you in a primary (WSJ).

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THR 3/11/17: The Nightmare of Obamacare Is About to End

Opioids Tariffs

On the Hugh Hewitt Show, Senator Ron Johnson calls the unknown person who leaked confidential CIA materials a traitor. Vice President Mike Pence joins the Mike Gallagher Show to explain what is in the health care bill that will replace Obamacare. Conversation about the new bill continues with Hugh Hewitt who interviews Texas Congressman Kevin Brady. Mike Gallagher speaks with National Review’s Andrew McCarthy about President Trump’s claims that Obama wiretapped him during the presidential campaign. Senator Tom Cotton weighs in on North Korea’s latest provocations and shares what President Trump has done to help protect allies in the region. Michael Medved reports on Middlebury College—the latest example of “tolerant” liberals who verbally attacked a speaker because of his conservative views. Ronna Romney McDaniel, the former chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party, brings Mike Gallagher up to date on the strength of the Republican Party. Larry Elder exposes the hypocrisy of those who attacked Dr. Ben Carson for calling slaves who were brought to America immigrants.

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Greg Thornbury: A Dangerous Data Dump

Greg Thornbury on WikiLeaks

By now, news has spread to both the citizens and enemies of the United States from the WikiLeaks recent data dump on the covert monitoring practices of the CIA.

Nearly 9,000 pages of documents reveal how the agency can use smartphones, truck consoles, dashboards, and even Samsung TVs to listen in on conversations that might lead to the arrest or capture of terrorists or other criminals seeking to do harm in America.

When asked about the breach, political analyst Charles Krauthammer said something characteristically astute: if we’re spending so much time doing extreme vetting of visitors from, say, Yemen, why aren’t we doing extreme vetting of contractors who work for the NSA?

These contractors then (like Edward Snowden) turn around and provide access to Julian Assange to expose state secrets to everyone—which includes barbaric terrorists whose goal is to destroy the United States.

Maybe it’s time for America to start paying more attention to the threats from within.

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For more, visit Townhall Review commentaries on SoundCloud.

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Media Push Obamacare with Cluster of Stories

Including one that claims repeal and replace will hurt sports.  But when you read the story, it’s just a Democrat with an Obamacare talking point:  “If I had a child, and I was not fully insured, that child would not be playing any sport at all because I’d be way too worried about injury,” Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) told SB Nation. “And once that injury is there, if they were to repeal the ACA, that would be a pre-existing condition. That could affect that child for the rest of their life if they couldn’t get the care they needed” (SB Nation). ABC News made a story out of one woman who voted for Trump but doesn’t like the new bill (ABC News).  And CNN has found a Republican cancer survivor who “has had a change of heart on Obamacare” (CNN).

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Owen Strachan: A Reasonable Step in the Right Direction

double standard, parental, generosity and respect. Vice President Pence

The decision of the Trump administration to overturn President Obama’s “transgender bathroom policy” and instead to correlate bathroom usage with one’s biological sex is not a victory for any political group. It is a victory for common sense. It is an affirmation of basic human sanity.

There are many celebrities speaking up about this decision—presenting the decision by the Trump White House as a violation of “transgender rights.” Though this rhetoric sounds fearsome, the decision is a reasonable step in the right direction.

We should offer compassionate help to people who experience gender dysphoria. We should not, however, change public laws or require schools to overhaul their restroom structure (as the Obama administration did). This, in point of fact, is compassionate. It protects little boys and girls from tremendous and damaging confusion that occurs when a child of the opposite-sex enters their bathroom. Children of different sexes should not share bathrooms, and they certainly should not have the federal government telling them they must do so.

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FBI Director Wants DOJ to Refute Trump Wiretap Claims

James Comey Calls For Wiretap Investigation

Comey wants the Justice Department to publicly reject Trump’s wiretap claim (NY Times).  Hugh Hewitt explains why “it’s quite possible” for Trump to be correct (Hugh Hewitt).  A former Bush attorney believes Trump is right that it happened but wrong to blame Obama (The Hill)  It wouldn’t be a complete shock if it did happen (Yahoo).  A look at Trump’s trouble and turmoil in the White House (Washington Post).  USA Today ran a list of Trump “claims without evidence” (USA Today). The media also jumped on Trump’s float that the Russians should find and release Hillary’s missing emails (The Federalist).

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Michael Medved: Trump Turns


For most Americans, Presidents Day counts as a trivial holiday but this year it looks as if Donald Trump made the most of the occasion. Perhaps he saw results of new historian polls and noted that the five all-time greats shared common characteristics. Lincoln, Washington, FDR, Theodore Roosevelt and Eisenhower all made a priority of finding allies in the pursuit of their governing agenda. They displayed determination and optimism rather than erratic plunges into apocalyptic gloom.

President Trump channeled that positive spirit in his speech before a joint session of Congress, emphasizing aspiration over anger, cooperation over confrontation.

Yes: it’s just one speech, but an enormous television audience helped President Trump refocus the administration on a coherent program of common sense, conservative reform. His GOP colleagues should feel relieved, while Democrats struggle to cope with a new Trump who’d rather make deals than wage twitter-wars.

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