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NY Times Gets Old Trump Tax Returns

And speculates from there (Hot Air).  The NY Times even turned the fact that they got the returns into a story (NY Times).  Looks like the NY Times was caught doing what they complain Trump did – get by without paying taxes (Gateway Pundit).  Hillary also used a huge loss to avoid paying taxes (Zero Hedge).  Apparently it is an unauthorized tax return and publishing it is illegal (Washington Post).  USA Today is joining in on the speculation dogpile (USA Today) as is CNN (CNN).  And NBC News wants you to know, Hillary paid a lot (AOL).

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Media, NFL Still Remarkably Clueless on Drop in Ratings

The story claims “The decline has become a mystery, for the media and surely for the NFL.”  It took twelve paragraphs, loaded with theories, before they came to this one:  “Some are suggesting that the anthem protests are causing fans to boycott the NFL, but it’s hard to see a connection between the objections to the behavior of a small group of players and the decision of significant numbers of fans to deprive themselves of something they enjoy. The NFL has made its position on the anthem clear, and the vast majority of players continue to stand at attention.”  Dear media and NFL, if you allow one of your dogs to bite my children, I don’t care that the other dogs don’t.  The media and the NFL can’t imagine that people love their country enough to care.  And that’s what’s particularly shocking.  They are so far from the average citizen that they search for clues for the drop in ratings when the answer is painfully obvious to the rest of us.  We already knew the media despises America, so patriotism is unfathomable.  It is sad to see those running the NFL do as well.

NBC News

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University of Michigan Can’t Tell If You’re a Boy or Girl Unless You Tell Them

From the story:  A new initiative by the University of Michigan invites students to report their preferred gender pronouns to the university so faculty and staff can use these when addressing each student.  Here’s what’s scary:  These people are educating your children.  If they can’t identify a boy in their classroom, how can they explain the far more complicated areas of biology and chemistry?  My three-year-old knows a girl when they see one but a professor at the University of Michigan needs to check his roster.


Michigan Capital Confidential

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Gallup: Voters Prefer Trump on Economy

But Hillary leads in most other categories (Gallup).  New polls show Clinton up slightly (RCP).  A story notes “Democrats are beginning to worry that too many African-American voters are uninspired by Clinton’s candidacy, leading her campaign to hit the panic button this week and launch an all-out blitz to juice-up voter enthusiasm” (Politico).   Hillary’s love of abortion continues to be an issue (The Pulse).  And then there’s this:  NBC parent company Comcast donated $5.6 million to the Democratic Party during its convention in Philadelphia, and NBC provided Monday night’s presidential debate moderator (Daily Caller).

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CNN: NFL Giant Drop in Ratings is No Big Deal: Nothing to See Here…

First of all – really?  Since when is millions of viewers vanishing no big deal?  Never.  Second, the story completely ignores the fact that a lot of people are turned off by the anti-America displays (CNN).  Meanwhile, the man who started the ratings fall visited protesting high school players to encourage their bad behavior (Fox News).  Three Michigan State players raised their fists during the anthem (USA Today) then the team went on to an embarrassing defeat (NY Times).

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Hillary Camp Wants Help from Debate Moderators

Calling it “unfair” that Hillary should have to “make sure” Trump’s “lies are corrected” (Washington Times).  More members of Camp Hillary are making demands (Washington Examiner).  One story claims she’s getting help from a podium designed to make her look taller (NY Daily News).  The format (NBC News).  A look at the moderator’s challenge (USA Today).  Voters are still having trouble trusting either candidate (Gallup).  From ABC News:  The race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has narrowed to essentially a dead heat nationally in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, raising the stakes dramatically for the first presidential debate Monday night (ABC News).

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Florida Sheriff’s Office Refuses to Escort NFL’s Dolphins Until They Stand for Anthem

From the story:  “I didn’t want to believe that it was really happening,” he said. “But when he stepped on the flag – I just thought about all these men and women who fought for that flag that he just walked on – all these men and women who’ve come home with that flag draped over their coffin.” So Alex grabbed his phone and snapped a photo – a photo that would eventually go viral on Facebook. Then, the teenager rose from his seat, picked up the flag and took the defiled banner to the principal’s office. “We are extremely proud of him,” Alex’s mother told me. “He did the right thing.” However, doing the right thing could land the brave, young patriot in hot water.

Mr. Francis told me Alex “broke the law” and should be punished. “I believe that child does need to be punished in some way – absolutely,” the teacher told me. “I can’t take a picture of them and in turn they cannot do the same of me.”


Todd Starnes

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