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Democratic Party Hacked Again, Blames Russians

DNC interim Chair Donna Brazile went further off the reservation with this comment:  “There’s one person who stands to benefit from these criminal acts, and that’s (Republican presidential nominee) Donald Trump” (Reuters). Among the emails, Colin Powell warned Hillary not to use him as a scapegoat for her email scandal (Fox News).  The media is more excited about Powell’s criticism of Trump (ABC News).

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Hillary Backs NCAA’s Attack on North Carolina

She tweeted “The @NCAA is right to pull tournament games from North Carolina because of the anti-LGBT HB2 law. Discrimination has no place in America. –H” (The Pulse).  From David French:  Is the trend now that major sporting events can only occur in progressive-approved locations? Will we now be subject to a parade of progressive-approved (and only progressive-approved) player demonstrations? And spare me any argument that our sporting culture is opening itself up to free expression. I’m glad neither the NFL nor the San Francisco 49ers are punishing Colin Kaepernick, but just ask Curt Schilling how much the progressive sports elite values dissent from the social-justice orthodoxy. I don’t mind if individual players or owners express themselves, so long as it is clearly understood that all viewpoints are welcome. I mind, however, when the sporting elite decides to turn professional and college athletics into a sweatier version of a progressive college campus, speech codes and all. I mind when social-justice warriors try to wield the awesome economic power of sports — built via the pocketbooks of all Americans — to punish conservatives, especially Christian conservatives (National Review).

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Kaepernick Fans Bailing on Team. Media Blames Season

The San Francisco Chronicle blames the fans exit on the team performance (San Francisco Chronicle).  Not sure how that’s possible when they are 1-0. From another story:  As a new citizen of this great country, I can tell Kaepernick that he doesn’t know how lucky he is. Being a U.S. citizen allows him to protest the actions or inactions of his country and government in a very public manner, without risking personal safety or financial security. Just the fact that Kaepernick can publicly and freely protest something as sacred as standing for the national anthem should be enough to awaken his soul and mind to the true greatness of this country (USA Today).  Ted Cruz lashed out at the “rich spoiled athletes who dishonor our flag” (Political Insider).

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NCAA Punishes North Carolina for Logical Bathroom Policy

The bigotry grows more bold as the bully organization strips the state of 7 championship events. The NCAA’s Board of Governors claim “Current North Carolina state laws make it challenging to guarantee the host communities can help deliver on that commitment if NCAA events remained in the state”(ESPN).  Dennis Prager looks at the Godless west (Townhall).

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Obama Denies $400 Million Given to Iran Was Ransom

Calling the secret drop-off merely a payment from a deal from the 1970’s (Fox News). Audio (SONNetwork).  One story claims a hostage was held on a plan until the payment arrived (Gateway Pundit).  I should note, I’ve been unable to find that story in any major publication.  And yet, there’s this:  Diane Foley, the mother of journalist James Foley, who was beheaded by ISIS on August 19, told ABC News that government officials threatened the Foleys to stop them from paying a ransom to free their son. The threats reportedly came from a prominent military officer on the White House’s National Security Council, who warned them that paying a ransom to ISIS would support terrorism (Newsweek).  From Daniel Greenfield:  Obama had made a point of rejecting ransom payments to ISIS, yet paid them to Iran. The distinction is rather obvious. Both are Jihadist organizations, but Obama wants ties with the latter, not the former (Front Page Magazine).  From Jonah Goldberg:… one wonders why, if it was such a laudable and innocent money-saving maneuver, they kept it all secret from the American people (NY Post).  Remarkably, as of early this morning, this story is absent in many mainstream press outlets. But I counted as many as six anti-trump stories on the front page of one network.  And when will the Left get upset that Obama pumped $400 million in US tax dollars into a regime that kills gay teens? (Jerusalem Post).

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THR 8/6/16: Obama Gives Iranian Mullahs $400 Million for U.S. Hostages

Opioids Tariffs

Sam Malone, sitting in for Mike Gallagher, talked about the U.S.’s current worst economic recovery since the Great Depression with the Wall Street Journal’s Stephen Moore. Hugh Hewitt spoke with Governor Mike Pence about Donald Trump’s foreign policy credentials. Kristen Welker of MSNBC’s Meet the Press Today sat down with Hewitt to discuss the Trump versus Khan controversy. Hewitt interviewed Michael Crowley about the Obama administration’s apparent ransom money for U.S. hostages held illegally in Iran. Michael Medved critiqued Hillary Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention last week. What’s wrong with socialism? Dennis Prager spoke with author Thomas DiLorenzo. Larry Elder wraps up the show with a few thoughts on Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisies.

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Democrat Email Dump Wreaking Havoc for Party

From one story:  A top staffer at the Democratic National Committee has apologized after suggesting that the organization use Bernie Sanders’ religious beliefs against him in the Democratic primary (Politico). From another:  Democratic National Committee documents recently released by WikiLeaks include spreadsheets and emails that appear to show party officials planning which donors and prominent fundraisers to provide with appointments to federal boards and commissions (Daily Caller). The dump is really messing with the hope for lovely convention media attention (CNBC). They already got a little help from Twitter as #DNCleaks got torpedoed from trending (Washington Times).  Instead of taking responsibility for what they did, the Clinton camp appears to be blaming Trump by saying Russia hacked and leaked the information to help him (CBS News).  The New York Times is also starting to push that narrative (NY Times).   More emails may be coming (Gateway Pundit).

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