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Growing Call for RNC to Dump Trump

Unless he cleans up his act quickly, which few believe he will do (Yahoo)  From a story on Hugh Hewitt:  “It’s like ignoring stage-four cancer. You can’t do it, you gotta go attack it,” Hewitt said. “And right now the Republican Party is facing — the plane is headed towards the mountain after the last 72 hours” (Red State).  Meanwhile, there’s this:  The attorney leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s defense in a civil fraud suit related to Trump University donated to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign earlier this year (Fox News).  Trump is seeking a summit with hundreds of religious leaders (Breitbart). From another story:  “Jesus to me is somebody I can think about for security and confidence,” Trump said. “Somebody I can revere in terms of bravery and in terms of courage and, because I consider the Christian religion so important, somebody I can totally rely on in my own mind” (Washington Examiner).

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Hillary Gifted Nomination Via Superdelegates

Just as six states are set to vote: New Jersey, North Dakota, New Mexico, Montana, California, and South Dakota (Fox News).  The New York Time is giddy (NY Times). How she pulled it off (USA Today/CNN).  Curious timing, right before a primary vote that would have certainly given her the nomination without added shenanigans (CBS News). Camp Sanders is not conceding (The Hill).  Howard Kurtz notes “Many people forget that Sanders was not a Democrat until adopting the label last year to make his run. The Democratic establishment has been clearly lined up behind Clinton” (Fox News).  A quick look at who some celebs want (Fox News). Dennis Prager explains Sanders’ non-Jew Judaism and non-American Americanism (Townhall).

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San Jose Police Chief Criticizes Trump, Defends Letting Thugs Attack Citizens

Eddie Garcia said “the police personnel on scene had the difficult task of weighing the need to immediately apprehend the suspect(s) against the possibility that police action involving the use of physical force under the circumstances would further incite the crowd and produce more violent behavior” (Mercury News).  From Tammy Bruce: …these supposed anti-Trump riots are not organic nor are they natural; they are the result of leftist organizing using paid stooges (Washington Times).  From National Review:  San Jose is the latest in a series not of anti-Trump “protests” but of riots — the distinction seems to be lost on these courageous opponents of “hatred” and on their defenders in the media and elsewhere. San Jose’s Democratic mayor, Sam Liccardo, suggested that it was “irresponsible” of Trump even to come to the city — or, put another way, Trump was wearing a short skirt, ergo . . . Apparently, any means justify anti-Trump ends (National Review).

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Trump Supporters Attacked at Rally

From the the story:  A dozen or more people were punched, at least one person was pelted with an egg and Trump hats grabbed from supporters were set on fire on the ground. The story also notes the “police stood their ground at first but after about 90 minutes moved into the remaining crowd to break it up and make arrests.”  Could you imagine if they did this as gays were attacked?  (Fox News).  Another story claims “anti-Trump protesters tore up an American flag and chanted obscene slogans against the United States” (Breitbart).  The thugs also attacked cars as they were leaving (ABC News).  This next story documents what they claim are other incidents of police standing by and media justification as Trump supporters are attacked (Conservative Treehouse).

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House Calls for Investigation Into Planned Parenthood Trafficking Body Parts

From the story:  The House Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives is calling for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to investigate whether several Planned Parenthood abortion clinics violated federal privacy law. The Panel released new evidence Wednesday purportedly showing abortion clinics disclosing confidential medical information about patients in order to facilitate the sale of fetal body parts to procurement firm StemExpress.


Washington Times

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