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Violent Unrest and Coronavirus Concerns as Election Day Approaches

Townhall Review – July 25, 2020

Hugh Hewitt talks with NBC Correspondent Steve Kornacki about the COVID-19 effect on the 2020 Presidential Campaign.

Sebastian Gorka and Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Ken Cuccinelli talk about the makings of a real revolution going on today in some major American cities.

Mark Davis and Dr. (Admiral) Brett Giroir, Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services, talk about how we are doing as a country to get ourselves free of the pandemic.

Sebastian Gorka turns to Victor Davis Hanson, Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, about the cultural revolution.

Kevin McCullough and Lanhee Chen talk about getting our kids back to school.

Steve Cortes talks with Steven Mosher, President of the Population Research Center, about China’s responsibility for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dennis Prager and Bjorn Lomborg talk about global warming and his book, “False Alarm.”

Larry Elder looks at news coverage of local black police officers in the cities of Portland and Minneapolis.

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Jerry Bowyer: We Can Handle This

I like to use Google Trends to see what people are looking up on the internet as a way of getting a sense of what average people are thinking about. I found that searches for the phrase “economic depression” peaked in late March. Then, in the ensuing weeks, we saw peaks in “better than expected” in the category of business and industry. Then we saw in early May a strong uptick in searches for “economic recovery,” and then a surge in business-related searches using the phrase “largest improvement.”

This basically tracks with the headlines. We saw scary headlines about the destruction of the economy, but then headlines showing that the U.S. economy is more resilient than given credit for. And then recovery headlines—with stats that showed some of the best improvements in decades.

Bottom line: We’re not doomed.

We can handle this.

We are handling it.

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Albert Mohler: God Made Us in His Image, Male and Female

A recent article in the New York Times demands our attention. The headline: “Sex Does Not Mean Gender. Equating Them Erases Trans Lives.”

The author argues that sex should not be equated with gender—because gender is a socially-constructed reality that does not have anything to do with biological sex.

But basic reality is indeed tied integrally and inseparably from biology. In sex—as male and female—we are looking at basic reality, part of the created order.

The author goes on to state: “In fact, stop using sex-based words to refer to people at all. They’re words for bodies, not for people with hearts and souls and minds.”

But keep this in mind—we are created as individuals who are a unity— body and soul.

We are who we are, including our bodies, because God made us this way and He made us in His image.

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Michael Medved: Employees Demand Ford Stop Making Police Vehicles

The horrifying video showing the last anguished moments of George Floyd featured a detail only now drawing outraged attention: the cop car parked near the incident was a Police Interceptor, manufactured by Ford.

In a petition signed by more than 100 employees, the automotive giant faces demands that they stop making such vehicles. The petition charges: “Throughout our history, the vehicles that Ford employees design and build have been used as accessories to police brutality and oppression.” This offensive statement suggests that all police forces brutalize and oppress, rather than protect and serve. The petitioners smear police as an invading army, condemning their own company for trading with the enemy.

The poisonous notion that police are the implacable foe of all people of color, worthy of scorn and resistance, and unworthy of decent equipment, could cost innocent lives among officers of the law as well as civilians.

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