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Georgia Voters to Set Direction of Nation in Vote for Two Senate Seats

Townhall Review for January 2, 2021

Hugh Hewitt talks with Georgia Senator David Perdue about his Democratic opponents in the Georgia run off election and the ramifications should the Democrats take control of Congress.

Bob Frantz and Ohio Congressmen Jim Jordan talk about the stimulus bill just passed and the Georgia run off plus Democrat Jon Ossoff’s ties to China.

Trish Regan talks with former Hedge Fund manager Neil Grossman about the COVID relief bill just signed by President Trump.

Dennis Prager talks about the impact of government-imposed COVID restrictions such as flying home for the holidays and how it is important to live fully.

Allen West reflects on the year 2020 and why we need to think about the positives.

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Albert Mohler: Looking to 2021 With Hope

Before the year 2020 began, the biggest story by far had already begun, but we didn’t know it. Most Americans thought the big story of 2020 would be the presidential election. What could be bigger? We soon found out.

Democrats impeached Donald Trump but failed to remove him. The same party panicked when Bernie Sanders took the lead for the nomination, but it was Joe Biden who took the prize. John Lewis, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Alex Trebek, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and John le Carre all died, each with a different story.

In November, Joe Biden was declared the winner, but Donald Trump was in no mood to concede. He hasn’t yet.

Of course, COVID-19 became the big story of the year. In December, “Operation Warp Speed” produced a vaccine. It’s still a big fight.

Most of us won’t be sad to see 2020 end, and we look to 2021 with hope. May the New Year bring you and yours renewed promise and blessing.

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Mohler: Do Voters in Georgia Recognize Raphael Warnock?

There is one big question still outstanding from our recent election and that question is this: Who will control the United States Senate?

There are two races in Georgia which will decide control of the Senate for at least the next two years, likely longer.

In one of those races—the contest is between Kelly Loeffler and Raphael Warnock—and in this race, you’re looking at something that is unprecedented in the state of Georgia.

The Reverend Dr. Raphael Warnock just may be the most radical candidate conceivable from a state like Georgia.

When it comes to the question of abortion, he is one of the most radical candidates to run, not only in the South, but anywhere in recent American history.

The question is, do the voters in Georgia actually recognize this?

We’re going to find out on January the 5th. Now is the time for the voters of Georgia to wake up and understand what’s going on. The entire nation is watching.

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Charlie Kirk: “What’s Really Happened the Last 9 Months in our Country is the Church has Been Deemed Nonessential” with Pastors David Engelhardt, Rob McCoy, and Jurgen Matthesius

Charlie Kirk with Pastors David Engelhardt, Rob McCoy, and Jurgen Matthesius about COVID restrictions and the evils of socialism.

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