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David Perdue: “Boycotting GA Senate Election Will Hand Keys to Democrats” with Mike Gallagher

Mike Gallagher talks with GA Senator David Perdue about the GA Senate runoff election on January 5th.  They discuss how Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seek to win the GA Senate seats so that House Democrats will “not have to negotiate.”

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Jerry Bowyer: NASDAQ Has Gone Woke

The NASDAQ has gone woke. The stock exchange where investors can trade shares of mostly tech companies has put forward a set of rules that—if approved—will put arbitrary identity politics quotas on all the companies traded on their platform.

Those quotas could include having two board members who “self-identify” as women or as LGBT … or as part of an “underrepresented minority.”

The truth is no minority is more underrepresented in big tech than conservatives. Woke capital is obsessed with sexual and racial minorities. But not viewpoints minorities such as conservatives. Actual diversity does not matter to them. Identity politics comes first, always.

In addition to being a stock exchange, NASDAQ is also a publicly-traded company itself. That means that it, too, is beholden to its shareholders. Maybe it’s time for those shareholders to get involved and demand an explanation for a decision which will likely drive customers to the competition.

I’m Jerry Bowyer.

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A Biden Administration: Nothing Close to Moderate

Townhall Review – December 12, 2020

Hugh Hewitt talks with Washington Examiner columnist Byron York about the runoff election for U.S. Senate in Georgia.

Mike Gallagher and Georgia Congressman Doug Collins discuss the Senate race in Georgia.

Hugh Hewitt talks with columnist Salena Zito about future of the Republican Party based on what we saw in the 2020 elections.

Dennis Prager talks about a comment by football broadcaster Cris Collingworth that seems to have offended a segment of the population.

Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson talk with Ian Rowe, of the American Enterprise Institute, about the racially driven lowering of standards in San Diego schools.

Seth Leibsohn and Pete Peterson, dean of public policy at Pepperdine, look back on the impressive career of Bruce Herschensohn.

Dennis Prager takes a closer look the city of Seattle and the city council’s efforts to provide the poor with a license to commit crimes.

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Mohler: What To Expect From Joe Biden

Earlier this week, Joe Biden announced that he is appointing Xavier Becerra to become the secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.

The news brings more clearly into focus what we can now expect from a Biden administration. We were told in advance, now we’re seeing it come into focus.

Xavier Becerra is currently the Attorney General of California and he is far to the left.

It would be hard to create, even in imagination, a nominee for this kind of position who would be of deeper concern to anyone who’s pro-life or pro-marriage or pro-religious liberty.

Given what we know right now of Xavier Becerra, there is no reason whatsoever, not one shred of evidence or hope, that he would not do everything within his power to try to advance the left’s agenda—and at an absolute cost to religious liberty rights.

After all, that’s how he has functioned as Attorney General of California.

The Becerra potential is a clear signal of the worldview clashes that await us under a Biden administration.

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China Government Excited about a Biden Administration: Chris Stigall with Gordon Chang

Chris Stigall talks with author and columnist Gordon Chang about steps China has taken to try to own the American political establishment, and how they are excited about a Biden administration. They also talk about how China changed the entire political landscape with the coronavirus.

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Hugh Hewitt: The Triumph of Operation Warp Speed

Operation Warp Speed—the Trump Administration’s aggressive program pushing for a vaccine for COVID-19—is on the cusp of success.

We know the vaccines work—and without serious side effects.

Now: Everyone’s got to get it. We need 70-80 percent of America vaccinated to have herd immunity in the country.

Operation Warp Speed is a triumph of science and logistics without parallel. It may be the greatest achievement of the Trump administration.

President Trump gets credit for the Abraham Accords, which have changed the face of the Middle East. He gets credit for the American awakening to the threat from the Chinese Communist Party. He gets credit for three Supreme Court justices and 54 appeals court judges. He gets credit for the greatest economic recovery in history and he gets credit for massive deregulation.

But Operation Warp Speed is probably Trump’s greatest achievement.

It’s reasonable to hope and believe that by March we’ll be at herd immunity in the United States.

It’s great news for a pandemic-weary nation and world.

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