Liberty or Firefox…You Choose! 4-11-14

Michael Medved on Mozilla CEO, Brandon Eich getting fired over his $1,000 contribution to Prop 8. Dennis Prager sees a new sort of McCarthyism with Eich’s ousting. Paul Kenger—From Grove City College—discussed with Bill Bennett how one of the Pope’s gifts to the president ended up being re-gifted it to current recipient of the Margaret Sanger award, Nancy Pelosi. Bret Stephens from the Wall Street Journal and Hugh Hewitt on Putin’s movement. Bill Bennett turned to K.T. McFarland—a national security veteran with service to Presidents Nixon, Ford and Reagan to discuss American decline-ism. The South China Sea is the geographical centerpiece of the new book from Robert Kaplan—titled “Asia’s Cauldron.” Kaplan was on with Hewitt to discuss.

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The Left’s Latest PC Attempt: Eliminate the Phrase BE A MAN 4-4-14

Mike Gallagher spoke with Florida Senator Marco Rubio about Obama’s declaration that 7.1M people signed-up for Obamacare. Bill Bennett examined the numbers—that magical 7.1 million figure—with Avik Roy, opinion editor for Forbes. Michael Medved called upon distinguished columnist and author George Will to see what the President’s declining ratings might mean for America’s future. The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol discussed the “war-weary” America with Bill Bennett. Dennis Prager on the Left’s latest PC attempt: eliminate the phrase “be a man.” AEI’s Charles Murray on with Bill Bennett calls-out the notion that tattoos are chic and we have been “set free” from many other cultural taboos. Dennis Prager destroys the latest “report” from NBC Nightly News’ Brian Williams where Williams talks climate change.

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Obamacare Success: 1.5M of the 47M Uninsured Have Signed Up! 3-28-14

Bill Bennett sorted through the Hobby Lobby case with Matt Franck of the Witherspoon Institute. National Review’s Carrie Severino was in the court for the Hobby Lobby arguments. She spoke about it to Guy Benson. Michael Medved compared notes on our weak and disordered foreign policy with Ilan Berman, who recently authored “Implosion: The End of Russia—and What it Means for America:” Michael Medved turned to Florida Senator Marco Rubio to discuss the Ukraine issue. Michael Medved took a closer look at recent media coverage of the President and the Affordable Care Act. Rich Lowry from National Review joined Salem host Bill Bennett discuss the crisis of “worklessness.” Over the past 13 years, a large number of Afghan and Iraqi citizens have assisted the U.S. in its intelligence efforts—many of them as interpreters. Dennis Prager has learned that our State Department is letting the visas of many of these men expire. Upon return to their home country, they will have a target on their backs.

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Ukraine and Obama’s UN Diploma 3-21-14

Bill Bennett spoke with former Pentagon official and AEI scholar Michael Rubin about what is driving Russia’s aggression. Dennis Prager called out NBC’s David Gregory for another episode of moral equivalence on last week’s “Meet the Press”–Gregory thought it hypocritical for the U.S. to criticize Russia. New York Times’ White House Correspondent Michael Shear and Hugh Hewitt on Obama’s unilateralism. Michael Medved on Obama’s toxicity. Dennis Prager caught up with Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld on his new book, “Not Cool—The Hipster Elite and its War on You.” Bennett with Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, who has just returned from a tour of the Ukraine.

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