Top US Officials Skip World Rally Against Terror

From the story:  French President Francois Hollande, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British Prime Minister David Cameron and dozens of other world leaders all took part in the powerful denunciation of last week’s terror attacks that left 17 innocents dead (NY Daily News).  This led to the hashtag:  #ReasonsObamaMissedFranceRally (Twitter). From another story:  Secretary of State John Kerry called criticism that no top U.S. officials attended Sunday’s massive march against terrorism in Paris “quibbling” Monday, even as he announced a trip to the French capital later this week for talks on countering Islamist violence (Fox News).

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World Reacts to Paris Terror Attack

The three terrorists were clearly well trained (Fox News). There were threats leading up to the attack (CNN).  Details on the attack (ABC News).  At least one suspect has been arrested (Fox News). Those killed (ABC News).  Paris might want to consider arming all policemen (Daily Caller). World leaders struggled to call the terrorists Islamic (Fox News).  From the Washington Times:  A backdrop to the massacre in Paris on Wednesday by self-professed al Qaeda terrorists is that city officials have increasingly ceded control of heavily Muslim neighborhoods to Islamists, block by block (Washington Times).   ISIS is offering support for the murders (NY Post).

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Study Claims Average College Freshman Reads at Seventh Grade Level

Also of note from the story: “…despite societal changes over the past 100 years, both male and female students have continued to read the same type of material as past generations. Girls tend to gravitate towards books about relationships and animals, while boys enjoy adventure stories, military exploits, superheroes, and historical nonfiction.” (CampusReform)

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