The True Story of the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving

Townhall Review — November 24, 2018

This special edition of the Townhall Review features Michael Medved telling the compelling true story of the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving: why they left Europe, how they made their way across the ocean, and how they fought to survive in the New World while preserving their religious devotion to God.

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Michael Medved: Weak Ticket-Toppers Killed Down-Ballot Republicans

In the midterms, Democrats captured nearly 40 seats previously held by Republicans, but those losses weren’t spread evenly across the country. California, New Jersey and Pennsylvania each flipped four seats to the Dems, and Virginia delivered three. These results reflected the flawed, flailing candidates at the top of the ticket: gubernatorial nominees in California and Pennsylvania both lost by more than 17 percentage points, the U.S. Senate candidate in Virginia lost by sixteen, and even scandal-tarred Democrat Senator Bob Menendez crushed his New Jersey challenger by 11.

Such non-competitive statewide races discourage loyal Republicans from bothering to vote, dooming down-ballot candidates. To take back the House in 2020, the GOP needs not only a strong race by the President, but credible, energetic nominees for Governor and Senate in every state, to give House candidates a shot at success.

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Albert Mohler: Don’t Be Fooled by Planned Parenthood’s New President

Planned Parented has a new leader—Dr. Leana Wen—and she’s spent her first days on the job, as Alexandra Desanctis of National Review Online tells us, to convince Americans that Planned Parenthood has nothing to do with abortion.

Planned Parenthood is actually the most prolific provider of abortions in the U.S. It is thus the most murderous organization for the unborn in our nation.

But elite media outlets are going along with Planned Parenthood’s public relations effort.

The New York Times Magazine offered fawning coverage of Dr. Wen and quoted the new leader arguing that she is, essentially, of all things, pro-life.

“What I do is promote life” she said “I’m a physician. Everything I’ve ever done is to save lives.”

Now just remember: last year alone Planned Parenthood clinics performed 321,384 abortions. Those abortions tell a very different story.

And We shouldn’t be fooled.

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The 2018 Election — with Florida in Overtime and 2020 Now Looming

Townhall Review –  November 17, 2018

Hugh Hewitt turns to David Drucker, Washington Examiner’s Senior Political Correspondent, for another look at the 2018 election aftermath. Dennis Prager speaks with Victor Davis Hanson of the Hoover Institute about a stronger Republican Senate. Mike Gallagher asks Craig Patrick, political editor for Fox 13 in Tampa, about the disputed vote count in Florida. Larry Elder examines forest mismanagement after the devastating fires in California with former California State Assemblyman Chuck Devore. Michael Medved analyses Ben Shapiro’s article in Newsweek looking at why conventional political wisdom is not going to get it done in 2020. Dennis Prager talks with videographer Ami Horowitz about his on-the-scene coverage of the caravan from Central America to the U.S. Hugh Hewitt examines the ‘War to End All Wars,’ WWI, with Churchill expert Dr. Larry Arnn, President of Hillsdale College. Larry Elder talks with Eric Metaxas about his funny children’s book, Donald Drains the Swamp.

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Hugh Hewitt: An Open Invitation to a Civil Discussion

A year ago, Hillary Clinton joined me on my radio show for a long discussion about her memoir of the 2016 presidential race, “What Happened?” And in September, John Kerry came on the show to discuss his memoir, “Every Day Is Extra.”

For both former Democratic presidential nominees and Secretaries of State, it was their first appearance on this program – a program that has run three hours every weekday for more than 18 years.

As we look forward to 2020, would-be Democratic presidential candidates ought to seek out frequent interviews with interlocutors from across the political spectrum in settings – like talk radio – that allow for more than a minute’s response.

Our political conversation has entered a zone of toxicity I haven’t seen since I began my broadcast career in 1990. Long-form interviews, marked with civility and honest debate, is one part of the renewal in public discourse that we need.

So, hey: Democrats running for president, go in harm’s way. Find someone to talk to at length today.

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