Dreher: Christians Can No Longer Be Pharmacists

From the story:  The US Supreme Court today denied to hear a case involving pharmacists in Washington state who, for religious reasons, declined to dispense RU-486Plan B, the “morning-after pill,” which causes abortion. Effectively this means that Christian pharmacists who refuse to sell drugs that intend to exterminate life in the womb cannot work in the new society (American Conservative).  From Dr. Albert Mohler:  In one of the most ominous and important sentences written by any Supreme Court justice in recent years, in yesterday’s statement Justice Alito wrote, and I quote, “If this is a sign of how religious liberty claims will be treated in the years ahead, those who value religious freedom have cause for great concern” (Albert Mohler).  A troubling look at other areas where Christians are under attack (Time).  Meanwhile, the NBA continues to pressure North Carolina to allow men in women’s restrooms, with a clear assist from the media (CNN).

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Mohler: A Stunning Decision

The Supreme Court recently struck down a Texas abortion law intended to protect women’s health.

The liberal majority on the Court insisted, in the words of the Washington Post, that “Texas’s arguments that the restrictions were meant to protect women’s health were merely cover for making abortions harder to obtain.”

Conservative Justice Samuel Alito counters this in his important dissenting opinion when he points out, “The law was one of many enacted by states in the wake of the Kermit Gosnell scandal in which a physician who ran an abortion clinic in Philadelphia was convicted for the first degree murder of three infants who were born alive and for the manslaughter of a patient.”

Justice Alito is absolutely right. It was in the wake of the tragedy of the Gosnell case that many states did rush to enact restrictions that would prevent similar atrocities from happening in their own states.

The Court struck down laws saying that they had nothing to do with women’s health, when there was a very clear case to be made that women’s health was exactly the issue, if not the only issue.

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Liberals’ Crazy Melt Down Over Brexit

The liberal media went into freak out mode after the Brits decided they wanted to reclaim their national sovereignty and take control over immigration. Does this spell economic disaster? Are Brits racist? Larry Elder weighs in.

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Most Members Of RNC Rules Committee Do Not Want To Betray Trump Voters

The RNC Convention Rules Committee can technically pass whatever rules they want. But Tim Alberta of National Review thinks it’s pretty unlikely that they will free the delegates. He joined Hugh Hewitt on Wednesday to discuss. Join Hugh Hewitt’s premium content website at Hughniverse.com.

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Panel Finds Americans Abandoned in Benghazi

From the story: “Until now the administration has led us to believe the military did not have assets, men, or machines close enough or ready enough to arrive in Benghazi in time to save lives,” Reps. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and Mike Pompeo, R-Kansas, write. “An asset that could have made a difference would have been armed drones. And as the committee learned, it would have been relatively fast and easy to arm a drone” (Daily Signal). Hillary demands “It’s time to move on” (Fox News).  A timeline of Hillary on Benghazi (Fox News).  The New York Times didn’t hesitate to protect Hillary (NY Times).

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Medved: Focus Attacks on the Most Vulnerable Democrat

Hillary Clinton is one of the most unpopular politicians in America – with a negative rating of 55 percent according to a recent poll. Donald Trump should focus all criticism on this vulnerable opponent, rather than attacking more popular figures like President Bill Clinton and President Obama.

Though Obama won re-election with 51 percent of the electorate, a higher percentage now express a positive view of the president. The problem with Trump’s charges that Obama secretly sides with Islamic terrorists isn’t just their outrageous, conspiratorial nature but their dubious political impact. Even if Trump managed to hold every one of Romney’s 62 million voters he would still need to persuade some 6 percent of voters who backed Obama twice to switch their allegiance.

It won’t help to launch attacks on a lame duck chief executive enjoying a new burst of popular support, when he could aim more profitably at the weak candidate actually opposing him.

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Hewitt: Happy Independence Day

Pepperdine California Democratic Party

It would be very difficult to overstate the significance of the UK’s vote last week to exit the European Union. The very fact that a nation of 65 million people with 40 years plus of membership in the EU has voted to sever ties is nothing short of remarkable.

It was remarkable because, in part, no one saw it coming. The latest polls seemed to give the edge to the “remain” camp.

Nigel Farage of the UKIP, the UK Independence Party, and one of the proponents of exit even conceded early in the evening, only to declare later on that, “dawn is breaking on an independent United Kingdom.” Both Farage and the other big winner of the pro-Brexit side—London’s former Mayor Boris Johnson—have said that the date should be marked as Independence Day.

As we approach our own Independence Day we ought to celebrate a victory for our friends across the pond. For indeed, the Brexit vote is a victory for self-governance … it was a victory for freedom.

So: to all of the friends in our audience and now to all of our friends across the Atlantic: Happy Independence Day.

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