Davenport: Why Not Prosecute ISIS For War Crimes and Genocide?

International courts love to take on political cases, such as those against Israel or the U.S., but when there are obvious and serious international crimes, they often take a pass. The latest examples of obvious war crimes and genocide come from ISIS … but there is no prosecution in the works.

Investigators have collected evidence of kidnapping women as sex slaves, genocide against ethnic Kurdish religious communities and other atrocities, yet no one wants to bring these matters to court. They clearly constitute war crimes of the worst sort and the ISIS leadership is nothing but a criminal syndicate.

The U.N. Security Council could refer these matters to the International Criminal Court which, frankly, needs more to do.  Or a special court in the region could be established for this purpose.

It’s time for international law to stop talking and do something useful. Bringing cases of war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity against the ISIS leadership would be a good place to start.

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Hewitt: A Divisive Cycle

Pepperdine California Democratic Party

It’s been a divisive election cycle.

But whoever wins between Mr. Trump and Secretary Clinton, it will be vital—absolutely vital—that the new president face a Senate led by the able and hard-working Mitch McConnell.

McConnell is not on the ballot in Kentucky this year, but his all-important majority leader status is dependent on some “must-win” races:

•    In New Hampshire for the incumbent and defense expert Kelly Ayotte;
•    In Pennsylvania for incumbent Pat Toomey. He’s perhaps the hardest-working senator and a defender of core conservative principles in the place, including religious liberty.
•    And in Nevada for Joe Heck. Nevada has an open seat created by the retirement of Harry Reid. Current Congressman Heck is a doctor, a general, supremely qualified and would be a crucial pickup for the GOP.

We urge you to support these Republicans.

Those of you looking to invest wisely some contributions in key races should study closely the appeals of Ayotte, Toomey and Heck.

These three matter to all Americans … including you.

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Debate Turns Ugly and Trump Out on Top

Trump went after Clinton aggressively, hitting her for the emails, Benghazi, Bill’s past, the Iran deal and more (Fox News). USA Today called it “the most bizarre presidential debate of the television age” (USA Today).  From another story:  In the heat of the presidential debate Sunday, Hillary Clinton denied being secretary of state when President Obama said in 2012 that Syria President Bashar Assad would “cross a red line” by using chemical weapons on civilians in the country’s years-long civil war. “I was gone,” Clinton said. “At some point, we need to do some fact-checking here.” However, Clinton, in fact, ran the State Department for Obama from 2009 until 2013, during which time Assad continued to use chemical weapons (Fox News).  Among the more controversial moments, Trump said if he’s president, he will instruct the Attorney General to open a special investigation into Hillary Clinton’s personal email server (Daily Caller). Hillary “sidestepped” a question on her email exposing her belief that politicians should have “both a public and a private position” (ABC News).  From Clinton’s foreign policy spokesman Jesse Lehrich:  “Hey, @realDonaldTrump — regarding your claim that Captain Khan would be alive if you were president: go f— yourself. #debate.” He later apologized (Fox News).  The moderators at times debated Trump (Fox News).  Audio clips:  (SONNetwork).  From Frank Luntz on voter preference in his group:  BEFORE ‪#DEBATE • Hillary: 8 • Trump: 9 AFTER DEBATE • Hillary: 4 • Trump: 18 (Twitter).  The CNN crew gave the win to Hillary (CNN).  Interesting moments and numbers (USA Today).  Before the debate, Trump had a news conference with four Bill Clinton accusers (CNN).

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Clinton Threatens Obama’s Legacy

It’s an article of faith that President Obama needs a Hillary Clinton win to “preserve his legacy.”

And what legacy is that?

His crowning achievement is, of course, Obamacare touted as better, cheaper, health insurance. As we now know, households are struggling under higher co-payments, higher deductibles and higher premiums.

Mr. Obama has also presided over the slowest economic recovery since 1949. Hillary has repeated during her campaign that the President doesn’t get the credit he deserves for “saving our economy.”

She appears willing to continue Obama’s slow-growth economic policies and transition Obamacare into single payer.

If Hillary follows through on her pledges, serious economists fear that America’s financial ruin could occur before she completes her first term.

So much for Obama’s legacy.

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Hurricane Arrives, Now the Left (and Hillary) Blaming It on Climate Change

They abandoned that refrain years ago after the constant promise of a record increase in hurricanes instead turned into a record dearth (Daily Caller).  Hillary joined in the goofy claim (Climate Depot).  And in case that doesn’t take, the EPA is warning all 50 states that flooding, droughts and insect outbreaks are coming due to Climate Changes.  What, no boils?  (Washington Examiner).  As usual, some ignore the hurricane warnings to brave the elements (NBC Miami).  Some live cameras from the storm (CBS News).

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THR 10/8/16: Voters Find Hillary’s VP Also Unlikeable

Opioids Tariffs

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York joined Hugh Hewitt on his show to talk about Tim Kaine’s primary goal to interrupt Gov. Mike Pence at the Vice Presidential debate. Dennis Prager says that Kaine was like a wind-up toy. How will the GOP heal its divisions? Hewitt spoke with National Review columnist Jonah Goldberg. Prager discusses why America needs to be the world’s policeman with former Prime Minister of Denmark Anders Rasmussen. Medved reports that too many guys are having more fun playing videos games and living in mom’s basement than getting a job. Dodgers’ announcer Vin Scully recently signed off for the last time. Hewitt sat down with Scully a few years ago. In the wake of former President of Israel Shimon Pares’ death, Medved invited former ambassador to Israel Michael Oren on his show.

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Hewitt: Basement Dwellers

Pepperdine California Democratic Party

A tape was recently released from yet another Hillary Clinton fundraiser.

Earlier in this election cycle she called one quarter of the American people “deplorable” and “irredeemable.”

This time she referred to Millennials specifically and Bernie Sanders supporters generally as frustrated basement-dwellers who wanted to join the revolution. Some of them are upset about being baristas.

It remains to be seen if candid Clinton audio is replayed as often (or even 10 percent as often) as was the candid audio of Mitt Romney when he said “47 percent” in 2012, but the latest hidden mic twist is already rolling out and causing problems across the virtual political landscape for Clinton .

The former secretary of state has accumulated grievances over the years; the power she would wield as president is enormous.

The potential consequences for those who aren’t “with her” are worrisome.

I hope you have a basement in which to hide should she win.

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