Lanhee Chen: Good News for All Americans

The state of the U.S. economy is strong, and getting stronger.  On Friday last week, government data showed that the gross domestic product, a measure of the goods and services produced in America, grew by over 4 percent last quarter.  It’s the fastest rate of economic growth we’ve seen since 2014.  The American economy is growing at a rate that few thought possible and there is good reason to believe that our economy is headed for continued growth ahead.

President Trump has been the American economy’s biggest cheerleader, and that’s an important thing.  Part of our country’s economic success is tied to a belief that we can and will do better.  But we’ve also seen good economic policy coming out of the Trump Administration, like tax reform and efforts to overhaul our regulatory system.

Economic growth is good news for all Americans—left, right and center.

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Hugh Hewitt: Investing in Defense

Somewhat lost amidst the all the noise in our news cycle and our hyper-partisan political moment is a major development that we should not overlook:

The very significant investment in our military that has been needed for years. Both the House and the Senate have been moving aggressively to  pass the 2019 N.D.A.A.—the National Defense Authorization Act.

Amidst the details in this over-$700 billion bill are a fresh round of purchases of:

F-35 lightning fighters—our stealthy fighter jet
Blackhawk Helicopters, and a
Re-investment of in our severely-depleted naval fleet
I want to highlight that we’ll be seeing a green light given for the creation of not one but two new aircraft carriers.

We’ve still got more work to do to get where we need to be—but we’re moving in the right direction finally.

That is good news indeed.

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Albert Mohler: Abortion, Brett Kavanaugh and the Pause Button

A group of liberal Christians is calling for a “pause” in the culture wars. This “Call to Pause” is really a demand for evangelical surrender on the issue of abortion—and that’s not going to happen.

Interestingly, it was the left in American politics that politicized the judiciary—going around the legislative process to force vast moral change through the courts. They understand exactly what is at stake as we look at the nomination of a strict constructionist justice to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy.

The nomination of Supreme Court justices who are committed to the actual words and text of the Constitution is vital to the survival of America’s grand experiment in constitutional self-government. The protection of human life is an even higher mandate.

This is no time to hit the pause button.


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