Former Hillary Advisor Calls for End to Mueller Investigation

Townhall Review – May 26, 2018

Hugh Hewitt sits down with Mark Peen, pollster and adviser to former President Bill Clinton about his op-ed piece calling for an end to the Mueller investigation. Mike Gallagher speaks with Mercedes Schlapp, White House Director of Strategic Communication, about President Trump’s plans to stop funding of abortion via Planned Parenthood. Michael Medved explains how Planned Parenthood has the most to lose. Larry Elder takes a look at the FBI’s intrusion into the 2016 Trump campaign by planting a spy within the campaign. Michael Medved looks at how the media and Nancy Pelosi took President Trump’s comments on immigrants out of context and how they are damaging their own credibility. Dennis Prager looks at the link between bullying and school shootings.

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Michael Medved: Message From the Royal Wedding

Media coverage of Britain’s royal wedding focused mostly on breaks with tradition—with a biracial, divorced, American bride and a couple that lived together before marriage.

But the ceremony itself also sent some more traditional messages: in a nation with church attendance half what it is in America, the Christian themes and references must have puzzled secular Britons, joining husband and wife in the eyes of God, not just through power of government. Eight days after Megan and Harry united their fates, our younger daughter will make a similar commitment when we celebrate her marriage.

We may not provide the lavish trappings of a royal wedding, but bride and groom always reign as queen and king in Jewish tradition.  And may Shayna and Mark always treat one another as royalty!

I’m Michael Medved—proud papa.

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Owen Strachan: Modern Men Are in Trouble

Modern men are in trouble.

Just saying that sentence is a great way to get a reaction today. Some people scoff; others nod their head in sadness.

In our soft, fuzzy, gender-neutral age, the psychologist Jordan Peterson has dared to raise this matter in public. In a recent New York Times profile, his interviewer laughed at him for suggesting that men are failing today.

But look all around us: 97 percent of mass shooters are men. Men are leaving their families in record numbers. Men have dropped out of the workforce. And for every six college degrees earned by women, men earn four.

No: We don’t need to see the sexes as competing. We want men and women to flourish. But we can’t miss this: modern men are in trouble.

They need help.

It’s a spiritual issue. It’s a cultural issue—and solutions aren’t simple.

But we need more voices admitting that we’ve got a problem.

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Hugh Hewitt: Amazon Should Dump the Southern Poverty Law Center

ADF—the Alliance Defending Freedom—has become the new ACLU in my view. They’re now the go-to organization to protecting, preserving and promoting First Amendment freedoms across the United States.

I’ve partnered with ADF for over a decade now. That’s why I was disturbed to learn that they have been removed from Amazon’s Smile program. That Smile program allows you to designate a charity of your choice to benefit from a small portion of your purchases on Amazon.

ADF—see them online at—is donor supported, so they could very much benefit from that income stream.

So why were they disqualified? Amazon has been leaning on the work of the Southern Poverty Law Center to determine who is and is not eligible for the Smile program. The SPLC has become little more than a fringe group of the left, though. It is not to be trusted.

It’s the SPLC that should be dumped.

Amazon should shift course—and shift course today.

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Chen: The President’s Prescription Plan: A Step in the Right Direction

President Trump recently announced his plan to lower prescription drug costs. It’s a solid plan that strikes the delicate balance between promoting innovation with the need to ensure that consumers have access to the medicines they need at a price they can afford.

Meanwhile, liberal politicians are continuing their calls for government price controls on prescription drugs, all while trumpeting the virtues of single-payer health care. Both policies would lead to lower quality care, more limited access to needed cures, and result in much higher government spending.

What our health care system needs is more competition to drive down prices. This plan helps.

The Trump Administration is right to focus on policies that speed access to the marketplace for generic drugs and new cures. Lower prices won’t happen overnight, but the policies the president has proposed will make a difference.

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