Poll: Working Class Down on Obama

From the story:  By wide margins, this group is more likely than any other income class to say the country is headed in the wrong direction, the economy is getting worse, and they fear losing their jobs.  Just 36% approve of the job that Obama is doing, compared with 43% overall, and vast majorities say his policies haven’t helped the middle class (IBD).  Americans find government a bigger problem than unemployment (Gallup). Another poll finds Americans have no confidence in their government (AP).

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Hillary Could Face Jail Time

According to several stories (Washington Times).  But does anyone really believe that?  From the Wall Street Journal:  A friend of ours with long years of service in government asked another question raised by Mrs. Clinton’s defense: How could she possibly do her job as Secretary of State without sending a single email that had classified information in it? (WSJ).  From John Podhoretz:  The person who gave a press conference Tuesday at the United Nations to explain the controversy over her ­emails will never be president of the United States (NY Post).

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College Notes Homosexuality a Sin

After two volleyball players come out.  The story complains the decision by the Presbyterian college makes the players “feel unwelcome and disappointed.”  Later, the story called the school statement “shocking in the context of modern America.” (Washington Post)

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