Jerry Bowyer: Looking Past the Millennials

Despite the constant assertions from the media that young people are left-wing, a Gallup study showed that more teens identified as conservative than liberal. Perhaps this is because people, especially teenagers like to push back against authority. The Millennials are left wing because they grew up during the Bush administration. But the Post-Millennials, also known as Generation Z grew up during the Obama administration, amidst a climate of political correctness among many of their teachers.

Gen Z does not watch CNN and MSNBC; they watch YouTube. And YouTube political commentary is dominated by conservatives like Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens and Jordan Peterson.

So don’t be worried when you hear about Millennial support for Sanders and socialism. That’s old news. The generation after them is leaning right.

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Michael Medved: Overruling the Anti-Business Left

Why would any city punish the biggest companies in town by imposing a tax on every job those businesses create? That’s the question raised by a bi-partisan coalition seeking to overturn the newly imposed “Head Tax” in Seattle. The effort to repeal this obnoxious scheme in a voter referendum has already drawn strong support.

Meanwhile, nearby Tacoma isn’t hesitating with its own effort to lure frustrated Seattle businesses to relocate to a friendlier environment: instead of a new tax of $275 per job, they’d get a $275 tax credit for each new job. While Seattle leftists punish job creators to fund more homeless services, engaged voters and free market incentives can still overrule them.

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Hugh Hewitt: At Last A Push for 350-Ship Navy

President Trump has put a big number on a big board: 355 ships on the American fleet.It’s a big jump from the 280 or so presently afloat. The president doubled down at the graduation of Annapolis Midshipmen last week promising 355 ships soon, as he did on the deck of the carrier Ford in 2017:as he did at the Philadelphia Shipyard in 2016

This is a promise three times repeated, 350 ships. The Italians will build at least two of these powerful parts of the fleet in Wisconsin, as soon as the Pentagon says proceed to them or to somebody else. That’s what the Pentagon needs to do right now. The president has made it his word. He has promised. It can be done. But OMB and the Pentagon now need to recognize who is the president and to follow his wishes.

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An Early Look at the 2018 Election

Townhall Review — June 02, 2018

Hugh Hewitt turns to Tim Alberta of Politico for clarity on the upcoming November midterm elections. Mike Gallagher discusses the recent Florida Publix “die-in” initiated by David Hogg has caused Publix to capitulate to Hogg’s demands. Hugh Hewitt speaks with Health and Human Services Deputy Secretary Eric Hargon, who signed and a press release explaining a what is really happening to the children at the U.S Mexico Border. Michael Medved discusses the NFL’s new less than acceptable policy on the National Anthem. Larry Elder speaks with Tom Harris, Executive Director of the International Climate-Science Coalition on his recent article on global warming. Michael Medved invites Christiana Holcomb of Alliance Defending Freedom to share about her case involving a High School student’s right to privacy related to opposite-sex bathroom usage. Hugh Hewitt speaks with author and columnist Selina Zito on her latest project called “The Mainstreet Project,” in which she invites kids to be immersed in Western PA culture, much of which has been lost.

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Michael Medved: Freedom of Speech Doesn’t Mean Freedom From Consequences

When ABC canceled its top-rated Roseanne revival, Americans received another reminder that freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences.

No, the government can’t stop you from saying stupid things but a private business can terminate your employment if your offensive words damage that company’s image or bottom line. Kathy Griffin saw her career go up in flames when she appeared with a bloody replica of President Trump’s severed head, and NFL players will no longer be able to damage their league’s ratings by demonstrating against the national anthem.

Conservatives shouldn’t rush to Roseanne Barr’s defense: she’s a long-time leftist and conspiracy nut, who ran for the Green Party presidential nomination. Her recent embrace of Trump always seemed to be more a commercial strategy than a matter of conviction.


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