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Michael Medved: Debate Questions for Joe Biden

Joe Biden and his team must prepare to face tough questions in the first presidential debate on September 29.

For instance:
• You’ve supported nationwide demonstrations for racial justice, but would you want them to continue after you’re president? How would you scale down the occasionally violent protests?
• In the primaries, you moved sharply left—on abortion funding, free college, climate policy and more. As president, would you continue that shift as demanded by your party’s progressive wing?
• Did you grow up with “white privilege”—the advantages that purportedly benefit people of European descent? How would you erase such privilege in the future?
• Many Christian and Jewish friends of Israel appreciate the pro-Israel policies of President Trump. Would you build on those policies, or alter them and, if so, how?
• Would you appoint a 78-year-old as a top Cabinet official and, if so, how would you make sure that candidate was up to the job?

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Hugh Hewitt: The Prospects for President Trump on Election Day

President Trump has a record of accomplishments that’s pretty easy to compile.

Most significantly, he has brought the existential threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party into the sunlight.

Trump has buttressed the constitution—with two justices on the Supreme Court, 53 judges on the federal courts of appeal and over 140 district court judges.

President Trump’s tax cuts—along with his massive deregulation—led to 3.5 percent unemployment until the regime in Beijing acted with criminal recklessness towards a virus that has devastated the world.

Trump’s brawling, slugging, tempestuous approach has worn down many, but his road is marked by these accomplishments.

The elites are convinced he must be beaten. But Americans want their jobs and security back. They like the police. They like civil order.

Yes: Polling shows him behind 50-year D.C. insider Joe Biden.

We’ll see.

I feel pretty good about President Trump’s chances.

I’m Hugh Hewitt.

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Jerry Bowyer: How Do We Respond?

These are tense and unsettling times for our nation—with ongoing protests in many of our major cities and a sense of unease about how the next incident may further inflame things.

So: How should we respond to protestors who are either violent or aggressive to the point of interfering with normal life?

Certainly not by returning violence for violence. Not by aggressive counter-demonstrations. And not by any sort of vigilante activity.

We can’t fight evil with evil.

Lasting social change always comes from peaceful appeals to the broad middle class in America.

So when they riot, let’s focus on the wise response.

Instead of filling the streets with angry counter-protests, let’s fill the ballot box with our protest vote.

When they riot, we register.

When they vent, we vote.

And when they slap us on the right cheek, let’s cast the right vote—head to our polling station or home to our absentee ballots … and we vote for law and order.

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Media Throws out Objectivity and Embraces Propaganda: Bob Frantz with Pete Kirsanow

Bob Frantz has a wide-ranging interview with Peter Kirsanow, commissioner on the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, about the #walkaway campaign, Lebron James and BLM overlooking the overwhelming interracial crimes against whites, the entire Democrat party devoted to false narratives, media blackouts the rise in violence in Democrat-run cities, and Joe Biden plagiarism while campaigning.

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